Mens hats 2017: main trends for men

A number of comfortable, stylish and bright minimalist accessories can be attributed fashionable mens hats 2017. Some of them are absolutely universal, they are easily allowed to adapt to any chosen style. Let’s consider the main fashion hats for men this year.

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mens-hats-2017-2Mens hats 2017: Knitted Hats

If a man wants to emphasize his eccentricity, to show that he is an individual if he wants to be different from the others, he will necessarily choose for himself mens hats 2017: colored knitted hat. It may well become the path by which its owner will pass from the majority of the male population to a kind of podium on which he will stand in splendid isolation. So he can express himself and raise the mood to himself and other. Cherry-red, chocolate, plum, yellow, mustard colors in knitwear for men will be fashionable.


mens-hats-2017-knitted-hats-1Fashion hats for men: Theodore hats

Theodore hat was almost the main attribute of the men’s wardrobe. And this season the fashion hats for men comes back. Now the men’s fashion hats are combined with a business suit, an elegant coat, and a city bow. Leading designers advise men to choose a hat that was made of felt, wool, it is better to prefer neutral colors to ensure compatibility with the wardrobe.


Flat hats

Flat hats are always in fashion. The best feature of this mens fashion hats is its amazing versatility. For urban style, it will be appropriate to combine with a classic shirt, jeans, and a knitted sweater. But you can achieve business style by combining a cap with a double-breasted suit and a long coat.



Men’s jeans hats

It is unlikely that in recent decades you can imagine the daily fashionable wardrobe of a modern man without a universal and, not least, stylish “jeans”. It’s both clothes and accessories, made of dense denim, usually a dark blue hue, and of excellent quality.



Panama suits young men. These are mens fashion hats for a hot summer. So it is necessary to act so that the male image is truly stylish and alive instead of carelessly slack. It should be noted that if a man chooses Panama hats, then it should only be worn with a coat. Leather jackets, down jackets and similar outerwear will be inappropriate here.


mens-hats-2017-panama-1These are the trends for mens hats 2017, the choice is yours!

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