Men Shirts 2019: Stylish Shirts for Men 2019 Trends and Colors (37+ Photos+Videos)

Mens shirts 2019 are an essential part of every men’s clothes. Men are ready to wear comfy shirts for men 2019 for days. The versatility of the mens shirts 2019 trends is just amazing.

Therefore, men fashion shirt 2019 give the opportunity to combine them with all the desired pant styles.

There are different types of shirts for men 2019. We will discuss in some detail of t shirt design 2019 and button up mens shirts 2019.


The variety of the styles is both an advantage and a drawback. Because of this diversity, it is hard to choose the appropriate models. The fashion houses just flood all the designer shops with their products.

Let’s see what trends will be relevant in the 2019 fashion season.

Polo t shirt design 2019


Polo shirts for men 2019 have left the pedestal for a little while, but only to make a big comeback this year. A polo t shirt design 2019 is distinguished with a small turn-down collar.

The combinations with polo shirts for men 2019 are different. For instance, you can wear polo mens shirts 2019 with jackets or sportswear. Any combination will look great. The difference will be in styles. The simplicity of polo mens shirts 2019 is what makes them so popular.

Classic shirts for men 2019


Men most often prefer the classical style. Especially the men who have fit bodies prefer to wear tight fitting classical mens fashion shirt 2019. This way emphasizing the muscular figure.

Classical mens shirts 2019 with long sleeves and turn down collars are considered the most stylish models for 2019 fashion season. In order for a classic men fashion shirt 2019 to look trendy and stylish, the material has to be impeccable.

Extremely tight models, as well as extremely loose ones are the anti trends of mens shirt 2019 trends.

Japanese style men fashion shirts 2019


Japanese style models are distinguished with their stand up collars. The men, who are willing to show off their knowledge about what is and isn’t trendy, will appreciate the wondering eyes on them, when wearing these shirts.


This styles look brutal and stylish at the same time. Women love to see this combination on men. These stylish mens shirts 2019 are great for everyday wear.

No collar shirts for men 2019


There are men who just hate wearing ties. They find them very uncomfortable. This style of shirts is perfect for those individuals. These shirts for men 2019 themselves are already extremely stylish and sexy.

They do not need additional details or inserts to look great.

Short sleeve mens summer shirts 2019


These shirts are the perfect outfits for a hot weather.

Apart from being fashionable, these mens shirts 2019 are extremely practical. They are great for wearing with jeans, shorts, as well as semi classical pants.

Common materials for mens shirts 2019

Cotton for a new shirt design 2019



The primary material for mens shirts 2019 is cotton. Cotton is the most practical and the most hygiene friendly fabric. Moreover, another advantage of cotton is that the patterns and the colors imprint very well on the surface of the shirt.

The fact that cotton is breathable and pleasant to the touch is worth mentioning.


2019 fashion season has brought some new materials for the designers to work with. Flax and viscose are among those materials. These also are natural materials. However, they are not as wide spread as the cotton is.

Viscose is pleasant to a touch just like cotton. Meanwhile, flax is more solid and reliable. In addition, it gives an expensive look to the final product.

Viscose is used to add elasticity to the mens summer shirts 2019. In order for the shirt to fit the body perfectly and outline the muscles, the material need this feature.

Colors and prints mens shirts 2019


The most practical investment is a white shirt with a good fitting cut. In case for some reason you are not in possession of one, the mens shirts 2019 trends are a perfect reason for getting your white shirt.

The black color is very versatile. Button up shirts of this color give a classy and a strict look.

Gray is a good option for casual mens shirts 2019.

Purple, deep red and brown give a noble look to the whole style. So, in case you want to stand out at a cocktail event, make sure you have a spare shirt of these colors for such events.

Blue gives a fresh and an elegant look. It is widely used as office shirts for men 2019.

Khaki, burgundy, olive and similar colors are for more sport style men fashion shirts 2019. They give the sense of rhythm and active life.


Prints are wide spread as new shirt design 2019. The designers suggest many models with bright colors, not just black or white. The options for prints on men fashion shirt 2019 are infinite.

Funny images or comic imprints are in mens shirt 2019 trends.

Let’s go through some interesting prints the designers of 2019 fashion season have in store for mens shirts 2019.

Abstract geometry


This trend is in fashion for both men in women. Geometrical objects, like circle, triangles and many others look great and cool as a t shirt design 2019.

Ethnic ornaments as a new shit design 2019


Marine theme prints, as well as beach topic prints are perfect for mens summer shirt 2019. Symbols, like anchors, chains and other sailing objects look great on striped shirts for men 2019.

3D drawings are the novelty of the 21st century in general


There are so many cool and boyish movies that corporations like Marvel or DC produce. All the characters created by those corporations will be the perfect decorations for mens shirts 2019.

Retro will never be out of fashion


This style assumes the presence of the 20th century logos. Vintage cars, vintage effect photos, actors and actresses of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s are all part of t shirt design 2019 in retro style.

This features give a bit of a dreamy look to the whole style.

Boho style shirts for men 2019


Boho chic is a little complicated as a style. Laces, fringes and different small details and decorations are all part of boho style mens shirts 2019. Leather is also a proud member of boho style men fashion shirt 2019.

In case this style has caught your attention, keep in mind that it will not go well with strict clothing. You should definitely not wear a leather shirt with a suit to go to work. A rock concert is another story.

Military style t shirt design 2019


Military is all about khaki, olive and beige colors and their cross combinations. Such a new shirt design 2019 can look great in combination with jeans, as well as loose hiking pants.

Tips on choosing mens shirts 2019


There are too many occasions for which you might be in need to choose a men fashion shirt 2019. All you need to do is to just keep in mind several basic tips and go in accord with them.

Loose designs are for occasions that are more casual. Feel free to pick mens shirt 2019 of exciting prints and colors and wear them with your standard blue jeans. With sports style shoes, like sneakers, you will look both stylish and nonchalant.

Tight shirts for men 2019 of more strict colors and usually with no prints will suit for events that are more formal. Slim cut pants in combination with a suit jacket and a plain color shirt will give you the desired look.

To sum up, thanks to the designers of 2019 fashion season, men have numerous options of mens shirts 2019. All they need to do is to just pick the style that matches the mood and the purpose.




































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