Maternity fashion trends 2016


During pregnancy, the girl wants to look not only stylish, but also to feel comfortable and convenient. Stylists call future mothers anxiously approach the choice of pregnancy clothes, because if she will follow maternity fashion trends 2016 and choose trendy maternity clothes, they will not only hides the rounded belly, but will look elegant and feminine.



Thanks to the free cover, maternity coats hide your interesting status, allowing you to stay slim even on the 3rd trimester of pregnancy.


Pregnant women in the fall-winter 2015/2016 should choose loose-fitting cropped maternity winter coats, because walking in short coats a lot easier.

Maternity-fashion-trends-2016-Maternity-winter-coatsMaternity-fashion-trends-2016-Maternity-winter-coats-1 Maternity-fashion-best-trends-2016-Maternity-coats

Maternity fashion trends 2016; maternity casual dresses

During the early stages of pregnancy, while choosing maternity casual dresses, it is recommended to choose such clothes as jeans with an elastic band and knitwear top. On the later stages preferably wear leggings made of natural materials, shirts reminiscent men type, high-waisted dresses and overalls. It is possible also to wear the leggings made from softer fabrics such as knitwear. Combine this dresses with free long tunics, shirts, also shirts in men’s style, free t-shirts and sweaters.

Maternity-fashion-trends-2016-dresses-for-pregnant-women-street-fashion-3Maternity-fashion-trends-2016-dresses-for-pregnant-women-street-fashion Maternity-fashion-trends-2016-dresses-for-pregnant-women-street-fashion-1

Maternity-fashion-trends-2016-short-dresses-for-pregnant-womenMaternity-fashion-trends-2016-short-dresses-for-pregnant-women-1  Maternity-fashion-trends-2016-dresses-for-pregnant-women-1

Maternity fashion trends 2016; dresses for pregnant women

Dresses for pregnant women are usually represented with high waist, floor-length long maternity dresses or midi, but in the last season, short dresses in the style of the 60s came to the arena. These dresses have straight cut or A-shaped style. Moreover, these dresses are universal and could be worn courageously worn after childbirth. Fashion designers have presented a large number of maternity evening wear models, which is usually performed in the Greek or in Empire style.


Maternity-fashion-trends-2016-dresses-for-pregnant-women-dresses Maternity-fashion-trends-2016-dresses-for-pregnant-women-dresses-bright-colors-1

As for the color scheme, white and pastel colors as well as brighter and more saturated shades are widely presented in Maternity fashion trends 2016. For example, you can courageously combine the bright blue and purple color, with yellow or red. Everything depends on your preferences and of course mood.


One of the primary prints is a predominantly vertical strip. Exactly it draws out the silhouette and slim figure. Also fine floral ornament such as flowers, leaves, buds and blossoms are in trend for 2016 season. This season’s favor is a maritime theme. It is horizontal strip and various marine symbols as anchors, life rings and so on.

  Maternity-fashion-trends-2016-dresses-for-pregnant-women-dresses-nice-colors Maternity-fashion-trends-2016-dresses-for-pregnant-women-street-fashion-2  Maternity-fashion-trends-2016-dresses-for-pregnant-women-dresses-1 Maternity-fashion-trends-2016-dresses-for-pregnant-women-dresses-2

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