Main principles to choose nursing bras


Woman always wants to be beautiful and stylish, regardless of circumstances. Especially during breastfeeding period is very important for a woman to feel pretty, but the most important factor is to choose comfortable and stylish special purpose nursing bras.

A distinctive feature of a nursing bra for breastfeeding women is that nursing bra is convenient to breastfeed without take it off. Moreover, bra is tailored in such a way that even during breastfeeding it continues to keep the shape and appearance of the breast.

Nursing bra should have broad base and wide adjustable straps, which do not fall off from shoulders and do not cut into body under the weight of the breast.


Maternity bras for pregnant women should continuously adapt to the changing proportions of women. It must necessarily be soft, made of soft absorbent material (cotton or microfiber) and have good supporting ability.

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Elastic cups of maternity bras are able to adjust the size of the cup, and multifunction fasteners circumference of breast. Moreover for the whole period of pregnancy may be enough a single bra, because it is already included an increase in 1-2 size.


It is believed that breastfeeding bras should be chosen for two weeks before the expected birth, by that time size of the breast such as what will be at a settled lactation. One of the main principles to choose breastfeeding bras is to keep in mind that should remain place for a breast pads.


Materials from which made breastfeeding bras should be well breathable, do not hold moisture, do neither cause irritation and allergic reactions on the skin. The inner side of the cup should be soft, seamless and better made of cotton.

A pocket is convenient detail; therein absorbent napkin for collecting milk will be securely locked in breastfeeding bras. It does not fall during feeding and slip from the nipple regardless of the activity of the women’s movement.

Long-Sleeve-White-Breastfeeding-T-shirt      Main-principles-to-choose-nursing-bras-4 Mint-silver-nursing-top-breastfeeding

Many women instead of breastfeeding bras prefer to wear  the special nursing tops, whose dense fabrics partially corrects figure. Postpartum women are advised to wear a bra at day and night, but with nursing top, you carry this condition without experiencing the inconvenience, what is possible from the wearing breastfeeding bras with straps. Nursing tops will keep the back and abdomen closed, during active movements.


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