Main points for choosing right shapewear for women

shapewear for women

  1. Right shapewear for women should be very tight fitting, right size should be selected.
  2. Ideally, bodysuits for women should be seamless, that allows being not noticeable even under fitting clothes.
  3. More often corrective underwear made from nylon stretch, lycra or spandex. It is very important to have inner layer of body shaper made of natural fabrics.

shapewear for women 1

Bodysuits for women varies according to the degree of correction

  • Bodysuits for women with a weak correction needed to emphasize the figure, it is only slightly tightens buttocks and belly.
  • Average correction shapewear for women combines fabrics of different densities, often it has a corset structure and used to solve problems that are more noticeable.
  • body shaper for strong correction is very tough and with a strong dragging away effect, it is better to use only when you have serious problems with the figure.

Bodysuits for women 11

Belly shaper for women

Problems with slightly bulging belly will resolve corrective panties with a high waist. If they size improperly selected, they can be gathered in folds or roll.

belly shaper

Pantyhose with tight upper part and a wide belt can be bought to retract belly.

Waist shaper lingerie

Shapewear panties for women

In order to give an attractive roundness of small or flat buttocks, Shapewear panties with push-up effect will be very useful. Women wearing this kind of lingerie looks very original and seductive; it leaves open practically all buttocks.

Shapewear panties 2

Besides, shapewear panties has the shape of knickers, and women with curvaceous, it will help to keep themselves from chafing on the inner side of the thigh. Unfortunately, this is really important precisely in the summer, so you have to work hard in search of shapewear panties with a maximum natural component.

Shapewear panties

Waist shaper lingerie for women

Waist shaper lingerie 1

All of us strive to have a narrow waist, even in ancient times, women squeeze into corsets, which were harmful to the spine; beauty requires sacrifice. Currently also exist girdles for women, and they are often can be found. It is not enough, that girdles for women are slimming waist for 3-4 cm, and they lift the breast.

Overall shapewear for women

Overall shapewear for women

If you adjust the entire complex, it is possible to choose not individual parts of shapewear for women, but the dress entirely. With it you can effectively smooth out all fat folds, besides that, it will not be seen even under close-fitting evening gown.

Overall shapewear for women 1

When selecting shapewear for women, remember that most of the models are not designed for continuous wear, because sometimes you should give rest to your body and skin.


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