Long Cocktail Prom dresses 2016 from Pronovias

Black Long Cocktail Prom dresses

Elegant black long dress is always out of a time limit. Black evening dress over time becomes long, with wide gaps and different laces, but still remains as long black dress, and its value is in being black, simple and nice. This collection offers the clearest models that are unique in their beauty, because of simplicity and clearness.

Black Long Cocktail Prom dress

In combination of black and white colors original proposal cocktail dresses for the formal parties, you will stand out from everyone in your business evening party. Of course, this style is most appropriate for business at cocktail parties.

Long Cocktail Prom dresses 2016 from Pronovias

There are women, who feel more comfortable even in a party wearing white shirts and black skirts or trousers respectively. Nevertheless, small details, like roses on a blouse, original belt and purse full of style will create the style and mood of the party.

Red Long Cocktail Prom dresses

Passionate red ranks and betray your flirtatious mood of seduction and desire. There is no designers show pass without red evening gown. In addition, it is no accident, because it is impossible to imagine a world, moreover, a woman without a shade of red.

Red Long Cocktail Prom dress

The fact is that the red color suits every woman, without exception, will just have to choose the right shade, model and style.

Long Cocktail Prom dresses

Warm, full, delicate, crisp, gentle; for this colors and models possible to list all the synonyms of femininity. If such is your mood, then select one of these models.  Each of these models are peace of art and proofs designers fantasy and taste.

Long Cocktail Prom dress

And finally, if you want to tell something new, then select prom dress like this one.

Blue Long Cocktail Prom dresses

This year’s fashion trends are classic sexuality and passion, which is reflected in this glamorous and attractive evening dresses.

You will get Queen’s title, if appear in the evening party, wearing one of glorious dresses out of long cocktail prom dresses 2016 collection from Pronovias.

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