Ladies dressing gowns 2016 fashion trends


Self-respecting woman cannot imagine her home rest without high quality silk dressing gowns. Dress Trends offer to talk about ladies dressing gowns 2016 fashion trends.

Women’s short silk dressing gowns

Nowadays, among girls and young women short silk dressing gowns are quite popular. That is why girls often select them for home leisure. In addition, silk dressing gowns are very comfortable as natural silk, from which are made models gives to your skin complete freedom and great pleasure. Photos below show ladies dressing gowns 2016 fashion trends. By the way, women’s silk robes becomes a fine gift for any girl, all because it is not only beautiful, but also very convenient item. As for the color, it is dependent on the woman’s preference. However, stylists claim that to blonde-haired women, for example, fit darker and vibrant colors, when to brown-haired woman best to pay attention to bright shades. In addition, women’s bathrobes made in very deep and soft colors such as purple, violet or pale pink will be very popular in season 2016.




Women short dressing gown can emphasize not only the beauty of women feet, but also make the figure more attractive and desirable. Look at the photo below, which shows fairly popular and fashionable models short silk dressing gowns, which will be very popular in season 2016.





Women’s long robes

Women’s long robes have majestic and truly regal look and they are popular among ladies dressing gowns 2016 fashion trends.

Of course, it should be noted that the women’s long robe is the one, which goes down below the knee length. In such a case, it would be appropriate, if women’s bathrobes will be made in gold or silver color. These tones will accentuate the beauty of the female body, and thin belt-garter will help to do so.


Womens-long-robes-2016-fashion-trends-6 Womens-long-robes-2016-fashion-trends-7

Models with a long train are very popular in ladies dressing gowns 2016 fashion trends. They are helping women to feel like a queen. Actually, these silk products are more like luxurious evening dresses, but anyway it can be only worn as everyday women’s bathrobes.


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