Givenchy shoes Spring-Summer 2016


One of the most anticipated fashion shows of Givenchy took place in New York, which was moved from Paris by Riccardo Tisci in connection with the opening of a new flagship boutique of Givenchy fashion house. Givenchy shoes Spring-Summer 2016 collection deserves special attention, which demonstrates alignment on elegant booties for women with pointed toecaps. Dress Trends offer to be acquainted with Givenchy shoes Spring-Summer 2016 collection.

Givenchy shoes Spring-Summer 2016 show was an iconic and has passed at 11 September at Hudson River Park, which offers a spectacular view of the “Freedom Tower” erected in place of destroyed World Trade Center towers. An accompaniment, which went along with the show, was more than unusual. That chants of six world religions as a symbol of protest against violence, wars and discrimination. The motto of the Givenchy shoes Spring-Summer 2016 show was simple and understandable to all expression: “I believe in the power of love,” which encourages, protects and inspires. According to designer, love is incredible value that is available and provided to people, and those who are still in search of his material happiness.

Givenchy shoes Spring-Summer 2016 collection is made in the boudoir-style, by the way, symbolic is that put her hand in creation and organization of the show Marina Abramovic. The images were made in a sophisticated, sexy and very feminine style. Nevertheless, the shoes were in the same direction; graceful booties for women with pointed toecaps on high heels. Designer shoes models for delicate looks were decorated with exquisite white and black lace. Options in black and red color scheme seemed to be calmer. Givenchy’s booties for women generously decorated with textured embroidery and crystals. These designer booties for women supplement satin and lace evening gown looks, pajama-style coats, dressing gowns, peignoirs and combinations.

Givenchy-booties-for-women-SS16 Givenchy-booties-for-women-SS16-1

It is pleasant that Tisci did not go on about the public opinion, pinning hopes on the athletic and relaxed style. Riccardo elevates the modern woman on a pedestal in the form of fine women’s booties, at the same time allows men to choose from classic black and white lacquer or leather.

Partly couture ensembles, of course, are relevant for daily use and suitable only for specific dates. However, you will agree having in the arsenal lace kit or Bohemian pearl evening coat-gown and enchanting lace women’s shoes with a thin as hairs lanyard, the holiday and extravaganza would be desirable with every fiber of the soul.

This combination lightweight and air, quivering and unearthly, elegant and strict gives an incredible sense of confidence in their seductiveness and beauty. In addition, what else is necessary for lady who wants and can afford look by Givenchy?

Givenchy-booties-for-women-SS16-2  Givenchy-shoes-Spring-Summer-2016-1 Givenchy-shoes-Spring-Summer-2016-2 Givenchy-shoes-Spring-Summer-2016-3 Givenchy-shoes-Spring-Summer-2016-4 Givenchy-shoes-Spring-Summer-2016-5 Givenchy-shoes-Spring-Summer-2016-6


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