Girls shoes 2017: fashion trends for girls

Almost all girls are watching and trying to best match all the trends of modern fashion. When choosing girls shoes 2017, we must not only assess the quality and convenience of the chosen model but also take into account its preferences and fashion trends. So, for girls footwear designers offer the following versions of fashion models of shoes.

girls-shoes-2017-mary-jane-Girls shoes 2017- fashion shoes for girlsGirls shoes 2017: “Mary Jane”

This model is quite universal and traditional. Such girls shoes 2017 don’t cause discomfort with prolonged wearing and perfectly fix the leg. If a girl wants to wear high heels, then in the lineup of “Mary Jane” there is such a model. A small heel or platform will not break the posture of a girl and will help to keep it fashionable and attractive. The most fashionable colors will still be white and black models, which will perfectly harmonize with the school uniform.

girls-shoes-2017-mary-jane-Girls shoes 2017- fashion shoes for girls

Ballet Flats: Fashion shoes for girls

This fashion shoes for girls is versatile and comfortable, due to its lightness. In the last few years, there were models with a neatly rounded nose, but in the new season, the sharp-nosed ballet flats will come to the forefront. The rounded shape of the nose will also remain popular, but in 2017 give preference to the sharp nose. Both models are perfect for school uniforms.But they will not fit for prolonged wearing.

The lack of lifting in the ballet in the form of a small heel does not allow to correctly distribute the load on the spine, which can cause problems with posture and pain in the back and legs. Therefore, look for such girls footwear, where even a small heel is present. Choosing classical shades, pay attention to unusual and fashionable models of ballet, supplemented by a variety of stripes, patterns, and prints of contrasting colors. The models with the snake print look stylish and daring.

girls-shoes-2017-ballet-Girls shoes 2017- fashion shoes for girls

girls-shoes-2017-ballet-flats-Girls shoes 2017- fashion shoes for girls

Sneakers made “under the shoes”

Sneakers were solely sports shoes, and they were not allowed to wear to school, but now everything has changed, and the sneakers can be combined with school dresses and skirts. This option will not only be fashionable but also incredibly comfortable for the girl. The choice of models is very wide. There are still relevant sneakers on the platform. Such a model will help girls to increase growth and at the same time walk in comfortable shoes all day without feeling uncomfortable. These fashion shoes for girls can be decorated with rhinestones and other various unusual ornaments. With these sneakers, you can create many unexpected and trendy images, both for school and for walking.

girls-shoes-2017-sneakers-Girls shoes 2017- fashion shoes for girls

girls-shoes-2017-sneakers-fashion shoes for girls-girls footwear

Fashion shoes for girls: Slip-on Shoe

If you are tired of fasteners, then you can prefer fashion shoes for girls called slip-on. Such shoes will also be comfortable, like the ballet shoe, sneakers. Slip on is made of both natural materials and artificial ones. There are many models for every taste and for all occasions.

girls-shoes-2017-slip-one-fashion shoes for girls-girls footwear

girls-shoes-2017-slip-on-fashion shoes for girls-girls footwearLoafers

Shoes with a small tongue in recent years is gaining increasing popularity. The heel is comfortable and in some models, it is completely absent. The color scale is wide, therefore it is possible to choose loafers under any girl’s attire. Official colors, as in other models of shoes, are brown and black.

girls-shoes-2017-loafers-fashion shoes for girls-girls footwear

girls-shoes-2017-loafers-fashion shoes for girls-girls footwear

But it is worth remembering that in some schools there are restrictions on the height of the platform or heel. Most often in the middle classes, the height of the rise should not exceed a mark of three centimeters, and in the senior – five centimeters.

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