Fashionable women’s shorts 2017: trends and tendencies 2017

Shorts for each girl are comfortable clothes; especially they are in favor at spring and summer. This is an important piece of women’s wardrobe, because they feel comfortable wearing them and they are nice combined with any product of the women’s wardrobe. To stay stylish you should know what shorts are in fashion trends 2017. It’s time to deal with fashion collections of fashionable women’s shorts 2017.


Womens jean shorts 2017

In summer, girls with shapely legs like to wear denim shorts. This topic is always relevant and beloved by many fashionistas. Denim clothing has always been relevant and womens jean shorts are no exception. It’s time to clarify what shorts from coton and denim are fashionable in 2017?


Womens jean shorts as before should have short length, decorated with frills and new ashion trend 2017 like fringe, rivets, pockets, sequins, beads, pearls, applications, etc. Women love classic denim shorts and mega fashionable boyfriends.


Also in season 2017 are fashionable cut shorts with holes, from which threads are stuck out. The edges of them shouldn’t be processed. There are models where the belt also looks shabby and stylish.

Fashionable-womens-shorts-2017-womens-denim-shorts-womens-jean-shorts Fashionable-womens-shorts-2017-womens-denim-shorts-womens-jean-shorts

Fashionable-womens-shorts-2017-womens-denim-shorts-womens-jean-shorts- Fashionable-womens-shorts-2017-womens-denim-shorts-womens-jean-shorts

Fashionable classic shorts 2017

Classic shorts have average length to knee and bottom can have cuffs. Combine classic shorts with strict blouses, shoes on a heel and jackets.



But also classic shorts with sports shirts, T-shirts and shoes on high platform will look great. Classic always remain a classic, even in fashion season 2017. Girls who love the classic style of clothes, will always rejoice with such piece in their wardrobe.

Fashionable-womens-shorts-classic-shorts-women-classic-shorts Fashionable-womens-shorts-classic-shorts-women-classic-shorts

Women’s shorts 2017: womens long shorts

Looking at new clothing collections 2017, it’s impossible not to note fact that leadership in season 2017 belongs to womens long shorts. Thus, designers didn’t stop at specific length.


You could easily choose as shorts 2017, length which doesn’t reach line of the knees, and the model, which drops almost to level of ankle. Just don’t forget that they embody the versatility, practicality and classics, so it’s not surprising that in terms of color, preference was given to gray, white, black and beige.

Fashionable-womens-shorts-2017-summer-shorts-for-women-womens-long-shorts Fashionable-womens-shorts-2017-summer-shorts-for-women-womens-long-shorts

Trendy high waisted shorts 2017

Regardless of huge popularity of short shorts, high waisted shorts are trying not to leave their positions since last season.


This version of women shorts comes off from covers of glossy magazines to street, as it perfectly emphasizes long slender legs and thin waist of fashionistas. High waisted shorts are recommended to be combined with free cut clothes and shoes on wedge.

Womens-shorts-2017-high-waisted-shorts Womens-shorts-2017-high-waisted-shorts

Womens linen shorts

Ladies cherishing and following fashion trends are more likely to remember how a few seasons ago Dolce and Gabbana offered to fashionistas their legendary womens linen shorts panties with inflated waistline.

Womens-shorts-2017-womens-linen-shorts–fashion-trends-2017 Womens-shorts-2017-womens-linen-shorts–fashion-trends-2017

And since that time womens linen shorts model doesn’t go of from fashion catwalks. Many famous designers offered to wear womens linen shorts in season 2017.


Womens-shorts-2017-womens-linen-shorts–fashion-trends-2017 Womens-shorts-2017-womens-linen-shorts–fashion-trends-2017

Fashionable overall shorts 2017

Overall shorts didn’t miss our attention for season 2017. Overall shorts seem like a simple thing, but can create fantastic image.

Womens-shorts-2017-fashionable-overall-shorts-2017–fashion-trends-2017 Womens-shorts-2017-fashionable-overall-shorts-2017–fashion-trends-2017 Womens-shorts-2017-fashionable-overall-shorts-2017–fashion-trends-2017

Overall shorts, depending on style, can be attributed to sport style why not to romantic. This element of clothing is more suitable for young girls who are constantly at peak of activity and in search of everything new and interesting in life.

Womens-shorts-2017-fashionable-overall-shorts-2017–fashion-trends-2017 Womens-shorts-2017-fashionable-overall-shorts-2017–fashion-trends-2017

Womens leather shorts

Leather is another permanent material in fashion. Womens leather shorts look daring, challenging and incredibly bold, so they will fit for liberated and confident in their irresistibility ladies. Womens leather shorts could have different lengths, from ultra-short options to womens long shorts, resembling cut pants.

Womens-leather-shorts-womens-shorts-2017-fashion-trends-2017. Womens-leather-shorts-womens-shorts-2017-fashion-trends-2017. Womens-leather-shorts-womens-shorts-2017-fashion-trends-2017.

In addition to classic black leather, we often encountered shorts made in colored leather. At same time, there was no special preference for color: models in beige, green, crimson, brown and blue womens leather shorts triumphantly walked along the catwalk.

Womens-leather-shorts-womens-shorts-2017-fashion-trends-2017. Womens-leather-shorts-womens-shorts-2017-fashion-trends-2017.

Womens knit shorts

Knitted things like knitted swimsuits, knitted cardigans, sweaters, dresses and surely womens knit shorts are in fashion trends 2017.

Womens-knit-shorts-womens-shorts-2017-fashion-trends-2017 Womens-knit-shorts-womens-shorts-2017-fashion-trends-2017

Designers couldn’t stay without creating fashionable collection of womens knit shorts, which were loved by many because of its convenience, beauty and style.

Womens-knit-shorts-womens-shorts-2017-fashion-trends-2017 Womens-knit-shorts-womens-shorts-2017-fashion-trends-2017

Womens athletic shorts

Do you feel that season 2017 will be sporty? And confirmations of this are collections from designers Anna Sui, Paco Rabanne and Vektor where present womens athletic shorts.

Womens-athletic-shorts-womens-shorts-2017-fashion-trends-2017-summer-shorts-for-women Womens-athletic-shorts-womens-shorts-2017-fashion-trends-2017-summer-shorts-for-women Womens-athletic-shorts-womens-shorts-2017-fashion-trends-2017-summer-shorts-for-women

It’s a mistake to believe that presented models are designed exclusively for sport events, in fact, there is a huge variety of amazing ways to wear sports shorts in everyday life and look great, which is sure, just have glance at Emporio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger and Iceberg.

Womens-athletic-shorts-womens-shorts-2017-fashion-trends-2017-summer-shorts-for-women Womens-athletic-shorts-womens-shorts-2017-fashion-trends-2017-summer-shorts-for-women Womens-athletic-shorts-womens-shorts-2017-fashion-trends-2017-summer-shorts-for-women

Women’s shorts 2017: colors and prints

If we consider that spring and summer are time of bloom, then floral prints, herbal motifs from many representatives of haute couture is one more theme of current fashion season. So Caroline Herrera, queen of floral pattern claims that fashionable women shorts 2017 are impossible without floral pattern. Being as headliner of this theme, she in each of her shows is guided by beauty of flower depicted on clothes. So, flowers embroidered on the breeches and women’s shorts 2017, decorated with rhinestones or simply made in printed or glued pattern are much better than monophonic fabric.

Womens-shorts-2017-colors-and-prints-womens-shorts-2017-fashion-trends-2017 Womens-shorts-2017-colors-and-prints-womens-shorts-2017-fashion-trends-2017-women's shorts 2017 Womens-shorts-2017-colors-and-prints-womens-shorts-2017-fashion-trends-2017-women's shorts 2017 Womens-shorts-2017-colors-and-prints-womens-shorts-2017-fashion-trends-2017-women's shorts 2017 Womens-shorts-2017-colors-and-prints-womens-shorts-2017-fashion-trends-2017-women's shorts 2017

If you aren’t shy, then fashion for the brightness of pink carnations is what you need, you can also wear fashionable women’s shorts 2017 with strawberry flowers and juicy buttercups. Such motives give us the full right to be the most prominent.

Womens-shorts-2017-colors-and-prints-womens-shorts-2017-fashion-trends-2017-women's shorts 2017

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