Fashionable bathing suits for women spring summer 2016

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It is impossible to imagine summertime without a bathing suit. It is necessary to prepare for the new summer with great responsibility. A good thing that their fashion collections designers represent beforehand and women will be able to prepare for the new hot summer season 2016.

So, what kind of bathing suits are going to be in trend 2016?

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1. The most important trend of the season – retro swimsuit.

The main attribute is overstated swim shorts. As the saying goes, everything new is well-forgotten old. In such bathing suits ladies flaunted in the ’60s, now it’s our turn, so if you want to be in trend this summer, necessarily choose a vintage bikini swimsuit. Many designers, such as Agua de Coco, Michael Kors, Mara Hoffman and others represent such style bathing suit.

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2. Bikini, consisting of a wide stomp on straps and women’s swim shortsis not leaving the fashion catwalks.

Fashion to such bathing suits began in 2015 and continues to gain popularity. Their design has become even more vivid and various. From the low-key solid to bright motley colors. These bathing suits decorated with ruffles, fringe and even encrusted with crystals or beads.

3. Another fashionable novelty – bikini with the one shoulder bodice.

Designers invent more and more new styles. It would seem that swimsuit – it is just swim shorts  and bodice, what is possible still come up with, but every year the swimwear models are surprising more and more. This year, designers offer to wear one-shoulder bathing suits for women.

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4. Long sleeve swimsuit

As it is known, feet sunbathe slower than the shoulders and back. If your skin is prone to solar burns, long sleeve swimsuit is rescue for you.

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If you are burned on the searing summer sun, you will not have to avoid the sun during the rest of vocation. Feel free to wear a swimsuit with long sleeves and go to beach to have legs sunburnt.

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5. Monokini swimsuit

Monokini swimsuit is still in trend. Their design is amazing our imagination with every year more and more. Because it is possible to experiment on one-piece swimsuits, designers do just that, moreover very successfully. In this bathing suit, every woman looks even more feminine and attractive.

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6. Trikini swimsuit

Trikini came into vogue recently, but liked by fashionistas, that established themselves in the fashion world for long time. Trikinis are very sexy swimwear, therefore suitable for brave girls. Trikini is Suitable for girls with any type of shapes.

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7. Classic bikini

If you do not like experiments, then choose classic tailoring swimsuit with familiar triangles.

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Stay fashionable and choose one from bathing suits for women spring summer 2016 collection.

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