Fashion trends 2018: fashion colors and dress trends 2018

Fashion trends 2018 combine practicality and convenience. 2018 clothing trends are interesting models with beautiful and original decoration in patchwork style, combination of various textures of fabric, embroidery. In fashion will also remain plant, floral and predatory prints, ethnic motifs. Unbelievably popular is embroidery on clothes, including on business shirts, blouses, and trousers. Geometry on 2018 clothing trends and chaotic combination of patterns don’t lose its relevance.


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fashion-trends-2018-2018-clothing-trends-dress-trends-2018-fashion-colors-2018-ethnic-motifs-Fashion trends 2018

fashion-trends-2018-2018-clothing-trends-dress-trends-2018-fashion-colors-2018-floral-Fashion trends 2018

fashion-trends-2018-2018-clothing-trends-dress-trends-2018-fashion-colors-2018-embroidery-Fashion trends 2018

Fashion trends 2018: Turtleneck Dresses, Coats with patch pockets

Turtleneck is one of fascinating fashion trends 2018. With turtleneck dresses, you can create interesting images for each day. It can be worn alone, as well as combined with jackets, cardigans. Turtleneck dresses are excellent option for winter fashion. They can be made in laconic style or complemented with drapery, original sleeves or have unusual shoulder line.


Dress trends 2018 in clothing are diverse. The chip of winter fashion trends 2018 will be overhead pockets. They can be found on almost any outer clothing, including coats. Overhead pockets can be with rounded, pointed, straight angle. Coat can be of any cut, but the classic version, coat-cardigan, kimono is especially interesting.

fashion-trends-2018-2018-clothing-trends-dress-trends-2018-fashion-colors-2018-coats-2018 clothing trends

Original fur coats with a belt will emphasize the individuality of their mistress. Belt, made of the same fur, complements product and allows to add finishing zest to the image. According to dress trends 2018 fur coats can be complemented with both narrow and wide belts.


One of the fashion trends 2018 in clothing is bright tights and stockings. They can be very dense or vice versa transparent. They can help create fervent, creative and original image. Color pantyhose are a complement to the style of 70’s and 80’s, which is so popular in 2018 clothing trends. They perfectly combined with dresses, tunics, elongated T-shirts of neutral color scale.

fashion-trends-2018-2018-clothing-trends-dress-trends-2018-fashion-colors-2018-bright-tights-2018 clothing trends

2018 clothing trends: Dress trends 2018

Probably, many noticed that girls are incredibly cute in men’s shirts. Fashionable 2018 clothing trends are dress shirts, which simultaneously embodied austerity and femininity.

fashion-trends-2018-2018-clothing-trends-dress-trends-2018-fashion-colors-2018-dress-shirts-2018 clothing trends

Lace is one of the fashion trends 2018. It is used in dresses, overalls, shorts, trousers and even in swimsuits. Lace is associated with lightness and airiness.

fashion-trends-2018-2018-clothing-trends-dress-trends-2018-fashion-colors-2018-lace-2018 clothing trends

Free style of clothing has an incredible number of fans. Oversize clothing, thanks to its convenience, is actively used to create bright, fashionable images. It’s appropriate for meetings with friends, going to movie or cafe. To create a stylish, free image will help pants with cuffs. They are successfully combined with sports shoes, ballet shoes, moccasins, and with shoes on the hairpin. Pants with cuffs are one of dress trends 2018, which are made of soft fabrics. With help of wide trousers, you can successfully hide excess volumes on hips. Pants with cuffs are sure to please girls who prefer urban and ethnic style.

fashion-trends-2018-2018-clothing-trends-dress-trends-2018-fashion-colors-2018-pants-with-cuffs- dress trends 2018

Dress trends 2018; Volumetric down jackets

In order to keep you comfortable and warm in the winter cold, pay attention to the volume down jackets of winter fashion trends 2018. They perfectly match with jeans. The hat of large mating will perfectly suit to such down jacket.

fashion-trends-2018-2018-clothing-trends-dress-trends-2018-fashion-colors-2018-down-jacket- dress trends 2018

In order to visually emphasize waistline, it should be used accents. It’s enough to add wide belt to usual ensemble, which can be made of suede, lacquered or matte leather. Also, doesn’t leave its positions military style. Belts with rough buckle made of metal became a real hit of this season. One of amazing dress trends 2018 is “Woman in Black. “Woman in Black” became a part of sexuality, majesty, and grace. Having dressed in the outer clothing of a straight cut, with clear lines, any girl will turn into a real lady.

fashion-trends-2018-2018-clothing-trends-dress-trends-2018-fashion-colors-2018-woman-in-black- dress trends 2018

Girls who prefer cozy clothes will definitely appreciate knitwear. In everyday life, knitted dresses, suits, skirts, jackets, tops are simply necessary. Such fashionable clothes are very comfortable. Fashion designers offer interesting options with a minimum of decor. All the zest in the styles is their brevity. New seasons dress trends 2018 offers clothes in overalls, shirts, trousers, dresses from denim. The colors aren’t limited, but at the peak of popularity is dark blue, gray, blue and black color. It’s allowed to combine shirt and trousers from denim. Colors can be the same or cardinally different. Convenient denim clothing is great for urban, dynamic living.

fashion-trends-2018-2018-clothing-trends-dress-trends-2018-fashion-colors-2018-denim- dress trends 2018

Fashion colors 2018: Red, blue, lilac

Three of the most popular fashion colors 2018 are gray, red and blue shades. Red color, like a bright flame, attracts views of others. Juicy, catchy hue is the choice of self-sufficient women.No less relevant is blue color, which symbolizes stability. This shade refers to the noble group. It’s chosen by true ladies. Gray, slate color is universal. It’s easy to combine with other shades. It looks expensive and prestigious.In addition to floral prints, monochrome outfits are welcomed, which are combined with bright accessories or unusual shoes. In fashion colors 2018 are fresh violet, pink, light green, yellow and lilac shades. In a word, all the brightest summer colors that delight the eye and contribute to creating a wonderful mood. For evening dresses choose more saturated turquoise, burgundy, and blue colors.

fashion-trends-2018-2018-clothing-trends-dress-trends-2018-fashion-colors-2018-lilac-and-purple-dresses-Fashion colors 2018

Many don’t like violet, considering it complex and somewhat boring color. However, it’s not so. There are many interesting shades of violet, such as purple, plum, lilac. The most important thing is to choose the right color of dress and accessories. It will also be pleasant to combine the color of your dress with the color of your skin or hair. Orange, brick, mustard, yellow, green and brown will be more relevant than ever in fashion trends 2018. Very nice looks shoes, bags, belts and gloves, made in this color scheme. Black is also the “favorite” color of cocktail and evening dresses of women.

fashion-trends-2018-2018-clothing-trends-dress-trends-2018-fashion-colors-2018-green-and-orange-dresses-Fashion colors 2018

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