Evening dresses 2018: Classic and stylish trends for evening wear 2018

Evening dress is a compulsory part of women’s wardrobe. Evening dresses 2018 have some features. You should consider some details while choosing party dresses 2018. Let’s find out fashion trends of evening wear 2018.

Evening dresses 2018: Video News


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evening dresses 2018, trends for evening dresses 2018

Evening dresses 2018: Classical

Classic evening dresses 2018 are in fashion. Evening classic dress is suitable for any event. If you have perfectly even legs, safely choose a short dress.Choose an elegant dress with strict lines at an official dinner, preferably monophonic.

evening dresses 2018, classical evening dresses

Today the style of Family Look is quite common.The dress should be comfortable both for mom and daughter. Prefer dresses made from natural materials that will not impede movement. Avoid dark tones.

evening dresses 2018, family look

The evening dresses 2018 with an open back look very modest, without unnecessary details. In this dress, the accent is only on the back, so don’t pile up the image with three-dimensional accessories. However, you should have a perfectly even posture and a well-groomed back.

party dresses 2018, dresses with open back

Party dresses 2018: stylish trends

Lush party dresses 2018 can easily be supplemented with various accessories. Lush dresses can be either short or long.  A short dress is perfect for a cocktail image.

party dresses 2018, evening dresses with corset

A dress with a corset will emphasize and adjust your waist. The corset highlights the waistline, tightens the chest and accentuates attention on the hips. You can visually enlarge a small breast with a properly selected corset. You need to be careful when choosing accessories because an incorrectly selected accessory can completely ruin the image.

party dresses 2018, evening dresses with removable skirt

Evening wear 2018 with a removable skirt can also be called a transformer. From the usual dress, this model features removable elements, with which the dress looks longer and thicker. During the official part, you will be in a long dress, and in the second half in a short.

evening wear 2018, evening dresses with long sleeves

Give preference to dresses with long sleeves in upcoming season. Variety of styles and decorating elements don’t allow the dress to be boring. Party dresses 2018 of a straight cut and dark colors are suitable for the solemn event. The sleeve can be long or three-quarters.

Evening wear 2018: trends and tendencies

Open shoulders are very gentle and sexy.This evening wear will look good on a girl with thin shoulders. Open shoulders will visually stretch your neck.

evening wear 2018, evening dresses with open shoulders

Dress-jumpsuit is very convenient to use. You will feel easy and free in this evening wear 2018. Evening dress-overalls usually have a lot of decorating elements. Dress-overalls are usually worn with high-heeled shoes.

evening wear 2018, dress-jumpsuit

The interest in one-shoulder dresses flared up quite recently when Michelle Obama appeared in public in such a dress. The asymmetrical cut of the dress emphasizes the femininity and elegance of the owner.This model is very capricious. If you have massive hands and broad shoulders don’t wear it.

evening dresses 2018 with A-silhouette

Evening dresses 2018 with A-silhouette is a stylish model. The upper part of the dress supports the chest and emphasizes the waist. The lower part masks minor flaws in the hips or legs.

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