Blouse Design 2019: Latest Fashion Blouses 2019 (40+ Ideas and Videos)

Shirt and blouse design 2019 are one of the main trends of 2019 fashion season. Due to the similarities, people often confuse different models with each other.

Originally, shirts immigrated into women’s wardrobes from the men’s trends.

A small historical fact of blouse design 2019


It was the great designer Coco Chanel, who adopted the white shirt trend from the men’s fashion and added it into the women’s world.

The difference was in the material. Instead of cotton, which was very simple looking, she used silk and added small accents in the form of bows and ruffs.


Unlike shirts, blouse trends 2019 are of a more original cut. As a result, fashion blouses 2019 give women a more feminine look. Designer blouses 2019 are made of various materials and have a big diversity of colors.

New blouse design 2019 is wonderful for the reason that it is perfect for looking extraordinary. Moreover, the options of combinations of new blouse design 2019 with various accessories and shoes are infinite.



The modern woman spends quite a big amount of time at her work place.

There cannot be a better reason to dress in the latest blouse design 2019 and wow the whole office. A simple, yet a fashionable blouse design 2019 will look amazing in soothing shades.

Office blouse neck designs 2019 differ with their simplicity.

Blouse design trends 2019 made specially for women who work at offices, have several things in common. A fitted silhouette and the ability to look amazing in combinations with pants and skirts are what unites the minds of the designers for creating the latest blouse design 2019.

Romantic blouse design 2019


Any woman when going on a date, most of the time tries to look delicate and gentle. Light materials like chiffon, satin or lace are the key elements for creating the perfect romantic look in fashion blouses 2019.

Some interesting inserts, perhaps buttons, will add unique details to the simple blouse design 2019.

Since the romantic new blouse design 2019 serves a purpose of giving a tender look, the cut of these fashion blouses 2019 is usually just a free cut. Due to the airiness for the models, any colors are welcome. Any other blouse pattern 2019 can include floral prints, animal prints and so on.

Night out designer blouses 2019


The latest blouse design 2019 trends will amaze the fashionistas with their diversity and extravagant models. Out of the box options with crazy asymmetry are complemented by unique sleeves and shoulder cuts. The night out outfits are usually in combination with tight pants or jeans. The new blouse design 2019 is no exception.

The designers of 2019 fashion trends have decided to give the women of fashion the opportunity to feel the bliss of standing out from the crowd by wearing bright colors and different textures. Knitted fashion blouses 2019 of bright colors, like mint, pink or blue will look extraordinary with tight fitting jeans.

Designer blouses 2019 for plus size women


Every woman is a perfection created by the Mother Nature. The all known “flaws” of the body figure are not flaws at all. Those are just the details that make the women’s bodies perfect as they are.

Luckily, the designers of the 2019 fashion season understand that and are ready to suggest the plus size women a big variety of fashion blouses 2019 and some combinations of what to wear them with.

Fitted new blouse design 2019


Designer blouses 2019 for plus size women are often created with a length to the hips. This blouse design 2019 is with a fitted outline. Due to this shape, these fashion blouses 2019 accent the chest, instead of the belly part.

Open blouse neck designs 2019 are perfect for these models.


Chiffon, poplin, satin and their “relatives” are the best friends of the plus size women. Their flowing, light feel allows creating a nonchalant look. Asymmetrical forms are inseparable from the latest blouse design 2019.

Small ruffles might be good additions to these designer blouses 2019. However, it is a matter of taste.

Slightly fitted fashion blouses 2019


You can see open blouse neck designs 2019 in almost every designer collection of the 2019 fashion season. This is probably the most popular neck cut of the latest blouse design 2019.

Fitted options look extremely beautiful with a tiny bit loose trousers. So keep that in mind when creating your own looks.

Blouse patterns 2019

It is difficult to remember a year when predatory prints were not a season trend. Luxurious leopard print looks stunning on any style of cardigan as well as short tees.


Scandinavian style has risen to the top of the fashion several years ago and still remains undefeated.

The broken shapes of geometric lines in combinations of ethnic and traditional patterns make the most stylish blouse design 2019.


We see so many outfits of the same boring patterns and colors, that anything extraordinary, extravagant and creative is welcome

3D images on the sport style sweaters and hoodies have become the latest blouse design 2019. The full range of creativity and originality of the youth put a vivid accent on the new blouse design 2019.

Due to the modern technology, the play of colors and irregular blouse patter 2019 is accessible for any young person who has a vision and wants to show it as a blouse design 2019.


Striped fashion blouses 2019 are among the most popular models for this year. Any striped blouse design 2019 of bright contrasted colors looks great with all kinds of bottoms.

Materials for the latest blouse design 2019


2019 fashion trends have not only affected the styles of the blouse design 2019, but also the materials that the designers have decided to use. The 21st century technology novelties allow us to have knitted designer blouses 2019 of extremely slim fabrics.

The secret of this is the ways of mixing natural and fake materials in one fabric to get the best of both worlds.

These fashion blouses 2019 are of high quality due to the natural materials in them. Meanwhile, they are able to keep shape, even when you wash and use them very frequently. This is due to the artificial materials in the fabrics.

In conclusion, the designers of the 2019 fashion season have done a great job with creating the stunning blouse design 2019. The bonus feature of the whole tale is the fact that women are free to choose any style they want, as long as it is in accordance with their own taste and mood.






















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