Blouse design 2018: tendencies and women blouse trend 2018

Outfits should help to create feminine images in the wardrobe of each woman. They want to stay beautiful and elegant in every case. Gentle blouses are the most suitable elements of women wardrobe. Designers offer a variety of models, among which you can choose beautiful options and make interesting combinations. In our article, we will inform you about blouse trend 2018 and blouse design 2018.

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blouse trend 2018, fashion blouses 2018

Blouse trend 2018: original ideas

Blouses that resemble men’s shirts are relevant in this season. They remain elegant due to a beautiful fit, turn-down collars, elongated sleeves with cuffs, imperceptible tucks on the chest and lightness of the fabric. Snow-white variants of blouses are one of popular blouse trend 2018. They perfectly match with pants, skirts, and jackets of different shades.

blouse trend 2018, snow-white blouses

Blouses can give a lot of interesting variations with jeans, skirts of different cuts. Unlike the office style, everyday style allows you to embody the light patterns and original cut. Inserts made of lace, original buttons, bulky or short sleeves will look stylish.

blouse trend 2018, gentle blouses

Blouse without sleeves is one of blouse trend 2018. Chiffon, embroidered blouses are perfect for hot days. These samples look good with shorts, loose trousers, and flying skirts.

blouse design 2018, blouse without sleeves

You should select blouse model not only in accordance with the fashion but also not forgetting about shortcomings of the figure.

Blouse design 2018: trendy blouse styles

Blouse with long sleeves can look like a tunic or an elongated men’s shirt. You can complement it with elegant jabots, contrasting trim or lace stitching. Designers skillfully play with coloring. They diluted collections with coral color, menthol flowers, and indigo shade.You can meet such blouse design 2018 in Gucci’s and Armani’s fashion shows.

blouse design 2018, blouse with long sleeves

Many designers suggest placing an emphasis on the shoulders with the flattened sleeves. Such blouse trend 2018 is acceptable for fat women, especially if she hides large breasts.

blouse design 2018, blouses with flattened sleeves

Blouses with a collar are complemented by a classical rack, with an old jabot and decorated in the form of a bow. The collar can be trimmed with braid, cord or lace, with contrasting or adjacent shades. Ann Lowe suggests such fashion blouses 2018 in her collections.

fashion blouses 2018, blouses with collar,blouses with Basque

Blouses with Basque gives a special femininity to any image, which emphasizes the waist and hides small flaws. Fitted blouses with elegant curves are fashionable. Almost all designers included this blouse design 2018 in their fashion shows.

Fashion blouses 2018: trendy colors and materials

Models of fashion blouses 2018 have no restrictions on the choice of material. Each season only dictates the style and preferences, so again in the trend:

  • Knitwear
  • Silk
  • Chiffon
  • Cotton
  • Atlas
  • Guipure materials.

fashion blouses 2018, trendy blouse materials 2018

A beautiful floral design on a light fabric looks fresh and feminine. Designers offer to wear blouses with a picture of noble plants, Japanese accents, which will give them grace and nobility.

fashion blouses 2018, striped blouses, blouses with flowers

The summer image will be elegant with striped blouses.

blouse trend 2018, dotted blouses, black blouses

Blouse design 2018 with gentle peas doesn’t lose its position.It’s also appropriate in office bow. Stunning classic black is elegant and sexy. You can wear it with lace inserts and guipure.

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