Best Trendy women’s blazers for true fashionistas


Stylists unanimously repeat: if you want to be attractive even in business clothes, necessarily pay attention to women’s blue blazers.

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Jackets blue color is able to not only complement the beautiful image, but also make the complexion more impressive and attractive.

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Blazers are suitable for both slender and modestly overweight girls, that is why it acquired so much popularity. Blue color is visually perfectly balancing top and bottom of the silhouette, and due to its cut is able to make waist more subtle, moreover, as possible emphasize the breast.



Girls love wearing blazers for girls with the same color jeans, because it brings colors in the everyday style and attracts others attention thanks to its brightness and extraordinariness.

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There are several variations of shades, which designers choose to create blazers for women. Bright shades are more appropriate for creating an everyday image, and dark ones for business style.

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Print can be arbitrary, for example, women’s blue jacket may have cells, or could be decorated with the silhouettes of flowers; such color is best combined with white and black.

From what to wear women’s blazers: most original looks

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To have a nice street style, necessary to combine trendy women’s blazers and jeans of the same color. It is possible to complement your look with accessories and ballet flats.

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Blue jackets and blazers are perfectly combined with other attributes of clothing: skirts, pants, shorts.

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Shorts or a skirt is not necessarily have to be in same tone with jacket, because the contrast between the top and bottom may look fresher and more attractive.

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Blue jackets and blazers acquire very elegant and discreet look with flower-decorated women dresses, executed in shades of blue. If the light tone is primary, it will add saturation and brightness to appearance.



White shirt is more classic and a winning combination for those who choose women’s blazer to work or school.

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Dark blue ladies blazers can be worn with skirt-shorts, which should be above the mid-thigh. White shirt and nice sandals in heels will be a nice supplementation for such an image.


Designers claim that trendy women’s blazers are best worn with high heels or flat shoes.

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