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Women’s swimwear fashion 2016 recommends paying close attention not so much on bathing suit itself, as on additional elements of the beach image with the help of transparent and lace fabrics, giving room for imagination to accidental male gaze.

Dress Trends has selected in our LookBook the best fashion styles and favorite pieces of women’s swimwear 2016.



Latest images of women’s swimwear: 2016 fashion trends from stylists

There are several trends, which stylists have taken into account while offering their recommendations for bathing suits for women in 2016-summer season.

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The basis for a stylish and contemporary beach image always becomes a properly fitted women’s swimsuit. Very important to cover all that is needed and highlight everything that is worthy of attention of the opposite sex. Pants with a high waist in retro style are becoming fashionable and have taken place in women’s swimwear 2016 fashion trends.



Traditional sundresses, beach dresses, dressing gowns certainly always feminine and elegant, and have their place in 2016 fashion trends. Denim shorts and breeches with long leg just below the knee are popular in summer season 2016. Traditionally, the breeches can be sewn from cotton and blended fabrics such as linen, chiffon and stretch fabrics.

Tight looks are not in trend at this season.





Bando, tango and other forms of bathing suits for women are also at the peak of popularity. Many designers offer covers and decoration in the form of jabot, lace inserts, collars in the fold and many other details.

Pastel combined with rich colors and tones of green, red, brown, blue colors should be noted from popular colors for 2016 summer season. Also exquisitely may look tight elastic fabric in pink, purple, blue and turquoise shades. Models in white color will be very popular in women’s swimwear 2016.



Plus size ladies are recommended to choose in swim season 2016 women’s swimwear costumes that are sewn on the forms of modeling technology. Oblique stripes and blurred pictures visually reduce the volume and make shape more toned.




Beach accessories for summer 2016 are presented in a variety of design solutions, but prevails simple rustic style or Provence. Those are straw hats with a wide brim, woven and canvas bags in the form of bags or trunks, modest barefoot persons or sandals on a flat sole.

Womens-bathing-suits-2016-fashion-trends-5 Womens-bathing-suits-2016-fashion-trends-6

Pareo is gaining popularity among the fashionistas worldwide and fully represented in 2016 fashion trends. If desired, this element of the wardrobe can be as easy cape and weightless skirt, emphasizing the exquisite beauty of sunburnt legs.





Light scarves, cotton or straw panama hats can be used as covering for the head in pair with women’s bathing suits.

    Bathing-suits-for-women-2016-fashion-trends-4   Bathing-suits-for-women-2016-fashion-trends-7 Bathing-suits-for-women-2016-fashion-trends-8     Plus-size-Womens-bathing-suits-2016-fashion-trends2  Plus-size-Womens-bathing-suits-2016-fashion-trends-3  Womens-bathing-suits-2016-fashion-trends Womens-bathing-suits-2016-fashion-trends-1 Womens-bathing-suits-2016-fashion-trends-2 Womens-bathing-suits-2016-fashion-trends-3Womens-bathing-suits-2016-fashion-trends-7 Womens-bathing-suits-2016-fashion-trends-8Womens-bathing-suits-2016-fashion-trends-12 Womens-bathing-suits-2016-fashion-trends-13Womens-swimwear-2016-1   Womens-swimwear-2016-4

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