Women dresses 2018: main fashion trends

Designers have already announced 2018 as a year of diverse fashion. On the catwalks coexist femininity and convenience, luxury and comfort, models in the style of hippie chic and luxurious velvet dresses worthy of real aristocrats. Fashion dresses 2018 will be from natural fabrics and colors, with themes of floristics and embroidery. We reviewed the most fashionable trends for all who are interested in the issue of peak trends for women dresses 2018.

women-dresses-2018-Fashion dresses 2018-Women dresses 2018

Fashion dresses 2018: Bell-bottom Trousers

This segment of women’s fashion dresses 2018 did not remain without close attention of designers. Podiums are full of models of various styles, colors, and textures. Trousers of new sample amaze with their elegance.Designers did not stint on decor in form of embroidery, sequins, and guipure. You can note a strong trend of the 80’s. Bell-bottom trousers, flared in combination with high heels will make your legs as long and slender as possible. You can choose a laconic model foliage color or luxurious evening version of trousers.

women dresses-2018-bell-bottom-trousers-Fashion dresses 2018-Women dresses 2018

women dresses-2018-bell-bottom-trousers-Fashion dresses 2018-Women dresses 2018

Women dresses 2018: Floristics

Jeans must be decorated with floral motifs. It can be neat drawing, large and bright embroidered elements or frankly hip flare as if painted with watercolors.

women-dresses-2018-jeans-with-floistic-motifs-Fashion dresses 2018-Women dresses 2018

Women dresses 2018 combine unbelievable lightness, playfulness, and freshness, achieving this with the help of floristic prints. In the trend, flower total look, decor in the form of floral embroidery over a weightless chiffon field and watercolor large flowers adorning satin evening dresses.

women-sresses-2018-dresses-with-floristics-Fashion dresses 2018-Women dresses 2018

The main feature of dresses for women 2018 is contrasting color solutions, frequent use of muted and pastel tones, as well as complete rejection of roses and pink buds, which designers decided to replace with field motifs, lilac branches, cherry twigs and large peonies. Most often romanticism of fashionable floristics takes the form of air dresses and sundresses, light elongated skirts and silk blouses.

women-dresses-2018-dresses-with-floristics-Fashion dresses 2018-Women dresses 2018

Embroidery and 3-D

Richly embroidered outfits were the prerogative of aristocrats. Today, when the time of luxurious gold and silver embroidery, it would seem, has finally sunk into oblivion, designers have breathed new life into this exceptionally elegant trend, decorating dresses for women 2018 with intricate drawings.

women-dresses-2018-embroidery-dresses for women 2018

women-dresses-2018-embroidery-dresses for women 2018

3D-technologies can be called one of the main features of nowadays fashion. Fashion designers have reflected this technological trend in dresses for women 2018, bringing 3D-decor to the category of fashionable absolutes.

women-dresses-2018-3d-dresses for women 2018

women-dresses-2018-3d-dresses for women 2018

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