Winter coats 2017: trends for women in 2017

In leading trends of coats 2017 will be used military and oversize styles, various use of prints (floral, animal), etc. Designers offer huge variety of  winter coats 2017. We collected a variety of women’s coats 2017 suitable for ambiguous weather.


Winter coats 2017:  long coats 

One of the trends is the long coats, which will  fit in both business and everyday fashion. The classic models and A-silhouettes are suitable for tall women.

Also coats 2017 with a belt at the waist, which will  emphasize the ideal proportions.Full girls should choose oversize-models, cocoons and loose-fitting overcoats  without any decorative elements. Ideally, a long coat should be monophonic: neutral blue, black, beige shades are preferable.


Winter coats 2017: Short coats

No matter how comfortable and practical jackets are, without short  coats, casual style, that everyone likes, is simply impossible. The main thing to remember is that regardless of the cut, it is desirable that the bottom will be narrow – a pencil skirt, with narrowed pants or skinny jeans.


Women’s coats with short sleeves

In winter a fashionable coat should not only warm up, but also attract the attention of passers-by. Coats with short sleeves can help fashionistas to achieve such an effect.


Overcoats without sleeves 

Despite the fact that these winter coats 2017 are practically not useful, true fashionistas believe that with a personal car, cold winds are not terrible, and coats without sleeves are exactly what they need.

Those who appreciate comfort, designers advise to wear a sleeveless coat with long gloves or put on a warm sweater. It will be both fashionable and warm!

winter-coats-2017-women's-coats-without-sleeves-2017-Winter coats 2017

 Volumetric sleeves 

This style of  women’s coats 2017 with volumetric sleeves  are  suitable for the type of figure “pear”, which organically conceal both full hands and excessive leanness.

winter-coats-2017-women's-coats-with-volumetric-sleeves-2017-Winter coats 2017

Coats with increased line of shoulders 

In order to add to women’s figure brittleness or delicacy, the women’s coats 2017 with increased line of the shoulders is much appropriate. The first option is to enlarge the shoulder seam, which will make the shoulders sharp and delicate.

The second option – to lower the shoulder seam, adding seductive roundness to the figure. This technique is most often used in overweight models.

winter-coats-2017-women's-coats-2017-with-increased-line-of-shoulders-2017-Winter coats 2017

Checkered  coats 

In trends of coats 2017, winter checkered coats in any color and combination are available.

winter-coats-2017-women's-coats-2017-with-cell-cages-2017-Winter coats 2017

Coats with print “herringbone” 

Another fashion dress is the winter overcoat with print “herringbone” or “Christmas tree” pattern. Or, as designers call this print,  “corners”, “broken line”.

winter-coats-2017-women's-coats-2017-with-print-herringbone-2017-Winter coats 2017

Winter coats with flower patterns

Overcoats with flower patterns: small flowers, large bouquets and volumetric floral decorations are among the trends of 2017.

winter-coats-2017-women's-coats-2017-with-flower-pattern-2017-Winter coats 2017We have presented the leading tendencies of coats for women in 2017, the choice is mainly yours!

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