Wedding Suits For Men 2024: Top 18 New Trends, Looks and Tendencies

Creating a stylish look with the wedding suits for men 2024 is just as important as choosing a wedding dress.

Planning your wedding in 2024?

So it’s time to look for a wedding suit. Do not put it off until the last days – then it will be more difficult, since the wedding season will come and the original costumes may not be available.

Every year, designers come up with something new for future grooms. This year, the emphasis was on looks that provide maximum freedom.

Wedding Suits For Men 2024: New Trends, Looks and Tendencies 2024

Of course, designers are still inspired by English classics, traditions and the right fit. But they implement all this so that the costumes look stylish and comfortable.

Where to start looking for the perfect suit?

Of course, from the study of new fashion trends 2024. We will talk about this in our article.

What To Look For When Choosing Wedding Suits For Men 2024?

Carefully study the fabric, accessories and seams – a wedding suit should be perfect down to the smallest detail. You shouldn’t rush during the fitting, take a few hours for this process to compare several models of suits, as well as choose shoes and accessories for them.

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It’s good if a ready-made thematic set is right for you – in addition to a suit and a shirt, shoes and accessories are already included in it, you don’t have to pick up anything extra.

What To Look For When Choosing Wedding Suits For Men 2024?

But you can “create” your own wedding look from scratch and choose first a suit and pants, then a shirt and vest, shoes and accessories.

A three-piece suit, tweed, velour, rich colors and bright prints – in 2024 there will be noticeably more freedom in men’s wedding looks.

Styles and Models of Men’s Wedding Dresses

To create the look of the groom for a modern wedding, you can choose both bold casual outfits and wedding suits for men 2022. Moreover, it is with jackets and vests, because such models have already become timeless classics.

In addition, the groom can choose for himself a tandem of individual elements: “trousers + loose-fitting jacket”, which will allow him to feel comfortable and at the same time look stylish.

Next, we will take a closer look at fashionable men’s wedding looks, so that you understand what is worth paying attention to.

Styles and Models of Men's Wedding Dresses 2024

Trendy Shades for Men’s Wedding Suits 2024

If we talk about the popular colors of wedding menswear, then such shades as white, blue, lilac/violet are now coming to the fore.

White is perfect for tanned grooms. But it is important that the color of the bride’s attire is in harmony with the shade of the bride’s dress. You should not choose a snow-white suit if the bride has chosen an ivory-colored dress for herself, because then her outfit will look dirty. But with a cold pink and blue women’s outfit, this image of the groom will look great.

The color blue is found in all trends of everyday, evening and wedding fashion. It is featured almost every year in the trendy Pantone color scheme. This option is considered a classic, because the choice of blue wedding suits for men 2022 in stores is extremely wide.

As for purple and lilac, the use of this color in the image of the groom was a big surprise for many fashionistas. It is not so easy to find a suit of such shades on sale, but an outfit can always be made to order or found in the latest collections of fashion houses.

There are also such classic wedding tones as:

Black. A universal option for a suit, which can later be used for evening outings and for the office.

Gray. It cannot be called ultra-popular, but such giant brands as Hermes and Tom Ford never forget about it. But in future seasons, in order to look stylish and modern, you should give preference to lighter colors.

Brown. Another versatile color that will never go out of style. In the coming seasons, stylists recommend paying attention to chocolate shades.

Trendy Shades for Men's Wedding Suits 2024

Best Wedding Suits For Men 2024: Three-Piece

These wedding suits for men 2024 are the most popular, as they suit grooms with different body parameters. They are also “more elegant” than other models.

In addition, the jacket can be removed after the official part of the event, which is convenient.

Due to the vintage trend and the English classics, the most relevant version of the costume is the models with a vest. The three-piece suit looks more collected and stylish than the usual set, and adds status to the owner. Today men choose such suits both for business style and for special occasions.

The general style of the wedding will help to determine the color and style.

For a celebration in the classic or Victorian style, a discreet monochromatic suit in dark tones is suitable, and for a Boho, rustic or Provence wedding, you can choose a more relaxed option with the addition of color and prints, for example, a plaid.

Such a set is multifunctional – after the official part, you can throw off your jacket and stay in a less formal, but no less stylish vest.

A three-piece suit is a fairly versatile option for the groom’s look for any weather and season. On a hot summer day, the jacket can be removed. A vest made of thin fabric will perfectly complement the look with a shirt and will not make the future spouse sweat, and on a cold evening, the jacket can be thrown over the shoulders – and you will get a stylish and brutal look.

Well, if the wedding is not planned for the summer, then a three-piece suit will be just the perfect choice for the groom’s look. After all, the outfit in this case should be not only stylish, but also warm.

Best Wedding Suits For Men 2024: Three-Piece

Visual Layering

This is when the classic style is successfully “diluted” with an unusual color or print. For example, a contrasting vest in a three-piece suit, or trousers a few tones lighter / darker than a jacket.

The most interesting options are wedding suits for men 2024 with jackets and vests, which have unusual patterns or prints.


Double-Breasted Jacket

Yes, these jackets have been in trend for several years. It was previously believed that they are not for everyone. But now it is easy to find the optimal jacket for any type of figure.

Double-breasted jackets with contrasting metal buttons in bright colors are considered the most fashionable this season.


2024 Wedding Suits: Plaid

While we’ve spoken about colors in detail, it’s also worth considering trendy prints. The main trend of men’s wedding fashion is the plaid – both the classic plaid and the black and white tartan.

Small, medium, large, a combination of muted and bright colors – any man can always choose an option according to his taste, creating a stylish image of the groom.

It will be perfect if it is a suit with woven threads in contrasting colors, a fitted jacket and skinny trousers.

And although for a long time plaid suits were an element of the age-related men’s wardrobe, today this print harmoniously fits into youth weddings and outdoor events.

For a more collected and elegant look, it is better to choose a fitted jacket and slightly tapered trousers. The color palette of the suit is endless – from classic gray to marsala and indigo.

The image of the groom will be successful depends largely on how neat and stylish his outfit will look. You should not buy a suit made of low-quality materials, it is better to spend extra money and buy an outfit made of wool, silk or cotton.

2024 Wedding Suits: Plaid

Wedding Suits 2024: Strip

Another print you can’t do without. Striped wedding suits for men 2024 with woven contrasting thread refresh the look, look stylish and indicate great taste.

If the figure is slim, and the height is above average, then you should definitely try on such a suit and appreciate all its advantages.

Wedding Suits 2024: Strip

Wedding Suits for Men 2024: Bright Colors

The color palette of wedding suits grows wider every year – couples are revisiting traditional black and white and restrained brown and beige options. Judging by the fresh fashion trends 2024 from the catwalks, the boring classics are a thing of the past for a while.

Today on the agenda are bright saturated colors and patterns.

Black is a rare choice, now grooms are boldly experimenting and looking for something non-standard. It can be beige, brown, burgundy, blue, dark green, light blue, mint and other 2024 wedding suits.

Don’t be afraid of color. A bright suit can also be elegant and stylish, making up a wonderful ensemble with the bride’s dress. Shades of green and red, up to mint and pink are especially popular. And if a bright suit is too much for you, you can create juicy accents with the help of accessories.

Wedding Suits for Men 2024: Bright Colors

A Game of Contrast

This is not just about a contrasting vest or a shirt in a suit. You can choose shoes in a bright color, or a jacket with an original print, as well as a monochrome suit with a plaid vest. The task is to decorate and diversify the whole image with one bright detail as much as possible.

So the combination of opposite colors in the image, beloved by fashion designers, passed from everyday men’s collections to wedding dresses.

This season, contrasting sets will be especially relevant. In the case of the groom’s suit, it is worth playing with a different color of the top and bottom.

There are many combinations, it all depends on your imagination and personal color preferences.


Previously, prints were avoided, but now there are no strict restrictions. If a floral print on a jacket or vest looks neat and stylish, then this suit is definitely worth buying.

But if you are not yet ready to experiment, then choose an accessory with a print – a butterfly or a pocket square. This detail is able to refresh even the strictest classic suit.

Floral motifs are now a feature not only for the bride’s outfit, but for the groom’s image. For the most daring, designers have prepared jackets and wedding suits for men 2024 with an active floral print.

It can be a colored print or a textured ornament on the fabric. In any case, such an image attracts attention and requires active support in the bride’s dress.

Fashion Trends 2024: Floral Print

Emphasis on Accessories

Nowadays, there is no longer a classic tie, bow ties or boutonnieres. You need to “connect” other accessories. For example, a tie clip and cufflinks with an original shape, or use suspenders instead of a standard belt.

Accent details can be an interesting move.

For example, a bow tie, scarf and socks can be combined with one bright color or print. Accessories in the English style will also be relevant in the new season.

For a tweed three-piece suit, an elegant shawl, cap or hat, as well as gloves and an umbrella in the cool season, will be an excellent addition.

Fashion Trends 2024

Wedding Suit Ideas 2024: British Style

Fashion designers in the new season are actively inspired by English classics. Severity, elegance, tradition and correct cut make such wedding suits for men 2024 an ideal choice as a wedding dress.

The characteristic features of an English suit are a fitted silhouette, a strict shoulder line, and a loose bottom of the jacket.

When choosing a traditional British style costume, attention should be paid to the details and accessories.

This is the case when it is better not to experiment. The right oxfords, a pocket square, a stylish tie or bow tie, and the right headwear will help here. The main colors are all shades of gray, as well as dark blue and brown.

Wedding Suit Ideas 2024: British Style

Double-Breasted Blazer with Contrasting Buttons

The jacket, fastened with buttons in two rows, has long become a classic in the fashion world.

This cut perfectly accentuates the male figure, emphasizing the torso and giving volume to the shoulders. In the coming season, the most relevant will be jackets with six buttons, which refer us to the military theme.

Designers have pushed traditional solutions into the background, so now bright and noticeable sets with a double-breasted jacket are in fashion.

One of the characteristic features will be the contrasting buttons, which give the image even more impressiveness and style. Metal fittings and buttons in bright colors are in trend.

Double-Breasted Blazer with Contrasting Buttons 2024

Wedding Suits 2024: Tweed

Following the same fashion for the English classics, next year the pride of place is given to tweed suits and jackets.

This textured woolen fabric with a special weave gives the outfit a unique charm. In addition, such a suit warms well and will be an ideal option if the wedding takes place during the cold season.

Since a tweed suit is, first of all, an element of everyday wardrobe, it is more suitable for a wedding outside the city or an eco-style celebration. With a casual mood, the look can be complemented with more relaxed details and accessories.

For example, replace classic shoes with leather sneakers, and a white shirt with a printed shirt.

Wedding Suits 2024: Tweed

Velvet and Velour

If the classics and traditional costumes seem too bland, and the soul asks for spectacular solutions, then you can take a closer look at the trend that has just begun to gain momentum in wedding fashion.

Extravagant and chic velvet returns to festive looks in 2024.

The rich texture of the fabric adds a special polish to the outfit, so additional details are not required for the image. In the case of velvet and velour, it is better to focus on minimalism and brevity.

The best option is either a plain jacket or a velvet jacket with contrasting lapels and buttons.

Wedding Suits 2024

Jacket and Trousers With Different Textures And Shades

A fashion trend that has successfully taken root in everyday fashion is an image consisting of a jacket and trousers with different textures, colors or materials.

Newlyweds in a casual style will always look unusual and fresh.

But this style is not suitable for every groom. For such an image to be appropriate, the style of the celebration should be somewhat informal. For example, it can be an urban chic, rock, etc.

Jacket and Trousers With Different Textures And Shades 2024

Boho-Style No Jacket Look

The trend is also the fashionable image of the groom in a Boho style, where a jacket is not required. You can either replace it with a vest, or even leave it as it is, putting on trousers and a shirt for the celebration.

The sleeves of the shirt can even be rolled up, giving the image even more boldness and originality. Such an image of a groom without a jacket can be supplemented with bright suspenders, a bow tie, and an interesting belt.

The Boho groom look uses a classic base that is complemented by vintage and ethnic elements. They allow you to form an eccentric image that will appeal to extraordinary personalities.

The main thing to consider when choosing Boho-style clothes is natural fabrics.

Boho-Style No Jacket Look 2024 Wedding Suits For Men 2024

Linen, cotton, wool – the perfect choice for all occasions. Classic trousers can be safely replaced with washed jeans, and shoes – with moccasins. An unusual Boho groom image will only benefit from this.

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