Wedding dresses 2017; main trends and tendencies

At recently held fashion 2017 demonstrations, leading designers presented topical collections of wedding dresses 2017.
New season was marked by wide selection of bridesmaid dresses. In this regard summing up results of all shows and presentations. We will tell you why brides for next year will look like British king of nineteenth century. Let’s discuss it in «wedding dresses 2017; main trends and tendencies» article.


The Victorian bridesmaid dresses

Sarah Burton is responsible for comeback of Victorian era into wedding gowns 2017, precisely because of last year Alexander McQueen’s collections Puritan blouses and dresses with collar beneath throat returned into trend book of wedding gowns 2017. Ready-to-wear trends reached bridal dresses late, so Victorian bridesmaid dresses will be relevant only in next summer, but now we can remember films about that era, from “Dracula” to “Scary Tales” series.

 wedding-dresses-2017-main-trends-and-tendencies-wedding-gowns-2017-angel-sanchez wedding-dresses-2017-main-trends-and-tendencies-wedding-gowns-2017-temperley-london wedding-dresses-2017-main-trends-and-tendencies-wedding-gowns-costarellos wedding-dresses-2017-main-trends-and-tendencies-wedding-gowns-houghton wedding-dresses-2017-main-trends-and-tendencies-wedding-gowns-naeem-khan

Wedding dress cape

Wedding dress cape in dress-code has always existed, but most of them were made of white fur and used for autumn-winter celebrations. In new wedding dresses 2017 collections, you can find wedding dress capes from lace, chiffon and tulle: these seem unconventional, but will protect shoulders from the sun, if you decided to have outdoor ceremony.

wedding-dress-cape-wedding-dresses-2017-wedding-gowns-2017 wedding-dress-cape-wedding-dresses-2017-wedding-gowns-2017-1 wedding-dress-cape-wedding-dresses-2017-wedding-gowns-2017-2 wedding-dress-cape-wedding-dresses-2017-wedding-gowns-2017-3 wedding-dress-cape-wedding-dresses-2017-wedding-gowns-2017-4 wedding-dress-cape-wedding-dresses-2017-wedding-gowns-2017-Wedding dresses 2017 wedding-dress-cape-wedding-dresses-2017-wedding-gowns-2017-6

Open shoulders and lowered sleeve wedding dresses

Another detail that came into wedding fashion from catwalks of New York and Paris fashion weeks are blouses with open shoulders and lowered sleeves. They also reminiscent of Victorian era and took place in spring-summer collections of Proenza Schouler, Tibi and Chloe. Surely after one year open shoulders and lowered sleeve wedding dresses will appear in front of altar. This outfit requires keeping spine straight, and shoulders straightened.

open-shoulders-and-long-sleeve-wedding-dresses-2017-bridesmaid-dresses open-shoulders-and-long-sleeve-wedding-dresses-2017-bridesmaid-dresses-1 open-shoulders-and-long-sleeve-wedding-dresses-2017-bridesmaid-dresses-2 open-shoulders-and-long-sleeve-wedding-dresses-2017-bridesmaid-dresses-3

Womens wedding suits instead of bridal dresses

After the Solange Knowles wedding we fell in love with womens wedding suits, and new collections of Elie Saab and Carolina Herrera are ready to make us crazy. Their main advantage is that after the feast pants of womens wedding suits can be worn with loafers and sweater, and the top could be worn with leather mini-skirt.

womens-wedding-suits-instead-of-bridal-dresses-wedding-dresses-2017-1 womens-wedding-suits-instead-of-bridal-dresses-wedding-dresses-2017-2 womens-wedding-suits-instead-of-bridal-dresses-wedding-dresses-2017-3

womens-wedding-suits-instead-of-bridal-dresses-wedding-dresses-2017-4 womens-wedding-suits-instead-of-bridal-dresses-wedding-dresses-2017-solange womens-wedding-suits-instead-of-bridal-dresses-wedding-dresses-2017-solange-wedding womens-wedding-suits-instead-of-bridal-dresses-wedding-dresses-2017-solange-wedding-outfits

Cocktail dresses as wedding gowns 2017

Designers already two seasons in a row promoting Mallet Dress (short in front, long in back). Americans describe it as: «It’s all business in front side, and all party in back side». For following year the competition will be with more comfortable option. Cocktail dresses as wedding gowns 2017 are ironic, simple and ideal for Petite sizes girls.

cocktail-dresses-as-wedding-gowns-2017-wedding-dresses-2017-bridesmaid-dresses cocktail-dresses-as-wedding-gowns-2017-wedding-dresses-2017-bridesmaid-dresses-1 cocktail-dresses-as-wedding-gowns-2017-wedding-dresses-2017-bridesmaid-dresses-2 cocktail-dresses-as-wedding-gowns-2017-wedding-dresses-2017-bridesmaid-dresses-3

Gentle pink and sky blue wedding dresses 2017

Each season in wedding fashion there is a new color which is crowned as main opponent of white. For next season white will have two enemies – gentle pink and sky blue wedding dresses 2017. They do exist in collections of all headliners of Bridal Fashion Weeks, from Marchesa, Jenny Packham to Monique Lhuillier.

gentle-pink-and-sky-blue-wedding-dresses-2017-bridal-dresses-wedding-gowns-2017 gentle-pink-and-sky-blue-wedding-dresses-2017-bridal-dresses-wedding-gowns-2017-1 gentle-pink-and-sky-blue-wedding-dresses-2017-bridal-dresses-wedding-gowns-2017-2 gentle-pink-and-sky-blue-wedding-dresses-2017-bridal-dresses-wedding-gowns-2017-Wedding dresses 2017 gentle-pink-and-sky-blue-wedding-dresses-2017-bridal-dresses-wedding-gowns-2017-4

Wedding accessories with flowers

If wedding accessories as veil, wreaths and fresh flowers on barrette seem to be too commonplace option. So acceptable variations on this theme have brand Marchesa: in large flower earrings need of those three wedding accessories will disappear immediately.

wedding-accessories-with-flowers-wedding-gowns-2017-Wedding dresses 2017 wedding-accessories-with-flowers-wedding-gowns-2017-1 wedding-accessories-with-flowers-wedding-gowns-2017-Wedding dresses 2017 wedding-accessories-with-flowers-wedding-gowns-2017-3 wedding-accessories-with-flowers-wedding-gowns-2017-Wedding dresses 2017 wedding-accessories-with-flowers-wedding-gowns-2017-Wedding dresses 2017

This was our touch on «wedding dresses 2017; main trends and tendencies» and hopefully it helped.

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