Teen fashion 2017: teen boys clothing trends 2017


About most fashionable trends, modern styles in teen boys clothing and how to determine right choice in a huge whirlpoolof fashion industry in details will be discussed in today’s article «Teen fashion 2017: teen boys clothing trends 2017».

So, what major teen fashion trends offer us coming in 2017? The designers have made a lot effort, that new collection of juniors clothing and shoes preserve maximum of uniqueness and diversity for teenage boys. At the same time, proposed fashionable juniors clothing differs with stylishness, showiness and brevity.


Juniors clothing directions 2017

There are sufficiently big amount of trends in juniors clothing. Each designer see image of modern teenage boy on his own. Let’s dwell on basic and global directions of teen boys clothing.

  • Game of contrasts – wide top and narrow bottom, coarse denim and soft wool are trends of juniors clothing for new season.
  • Combination of completely different things in style and texture will be in teen fashion trends 2017.
  • Color scheme is amazing with bright colors and unusual prints. Shine and metallic ebb are at the peak of popularity of teen clothing.
  • Genuine leather is again back in fashion trends. No matter its pants or some forged elements on jacket or blazer. Teenager’s wardrobe unthinkable without these stylish things.
  • Sporting hobbies are in one key with fashionable teen clothing. Jackets, shirts, trousers, sweaters, shoes and even accessories decorated In similar style will be great option of juniors clothing.





Teen boys clothing 2017

Trendy clothes for teenage boys don’t have such a big variety of things like teen girls. There are basic things for young men as trousers, shirt, sweater, etc., which are slightly modified in cut, texture and color. For the rest, teen fashion trends 2017 don’t have drastic changes.

So, which are teen boys clothing trends 2017?

  • Warm sweater made of natural yarn in shallow texture (high-density knitting) is multi functional and universal thing in teen boys clothing. Color solutions are distinguished by showiness and expressiveness. It could have colored bands, different colored sleeves, imitation of various kinds of collars, cuffs, etc.



  • Modern fashion-monger can’t live without traditional shirt in cell. And as brighter as better. Also denim shirts are very popular in teen boys clothing, which is successfully combined with many things in wardrobe.


  • Fall-winter 2017 season will surprise with variety of different colored trousers. Black, blue and gray colored models will leave for school uniforms and shades of burgundy, green, indigo or orange will allow teen boys to flaunt in spare time. Suede or corduroy trousers combined with a sweater or cardigan will be trend of teen boys clothing 2017.





  • Teen fashion fall-winter 2017 will be marked by diversity of winterized jackets: straight, slim line, with contrasting stitching and abundance of pockets.



  • Nowadays Cargo style shorts have great popularity among teen boys. They are convenient and practical model for real man. Teen fashion dictates but summer 2017 is waiting teenagers impatiently in order to dress younger generation in comfortable and trendy shorts.


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