Swimsuits for women trends 2016


At last came the long-awaited summer season, and every woman concerned about a selection of modern swimsuit kit for previously prepared perfect body. We can confidently say that the swimsuits for women trends 2016 are full of diversity and rich selection of women’s bathing suits at any style, taste and shape.

Main fashion trends 2016 for swimsuits for women :

  • Separate as well as joint models are equally represented in the collections of women’s bathing suits of this summer. Strapless bodices without drawstrings and extra decoration are remain in 2016 fashion trends. At the same time, fashion shows continue to dazzle photos of women’s swimsuits models in classic bikini design.
  • Retro style elements of the 90’s and the second half of the XX century more and more back into fashion trends. Models with curvy shape demonstrate such a women’s swimsuits at the fashion shows summer 2016. Fashion design of this kind of swimwear lines ideal for plus size part of the fair sex.
  • Innovative and fashionable swimsuits for women trends 2016 will be rightfully considered models with flower prints and animal colors. Equally original looks design with geometric abstractions and different color figures.
  • Fashion couturiers in the collections of women’s bathing suits for summer 2016 offer for lovers of bright and unusual images bright neon solutions. Unusual colors of turquoise, bright orange and cyan will satisfy fashionistas.


Swimsuits-for-women-trends-2016 Swimsuits-for-women-trends-2016-1 Swimsuits-for-women-trends-2016-2 Swimsuits-for-women-trends-2016-3Swimsuits-for-women-trends-2016-5 Swimsuits-for-women-trends-2016-6


  • Nautical theme patterns will stay popular at this summer. Romantic polka dots on swimwear for women also will not lose their relevance at this year.
  • Classic black and white style is always in fashion trends. This rule remains unshakable in the coming year. The design of swimwear for women 2016 diversify that strict combination by unusual shapes, decorative inserts of different colors and with other accessories.
  • As for jewelry, so here fantasy of fashion designers can only envy. Lace, frills, drawstring, rings, stones and rhinestones, as well as and ruffles and fullback grid can be found in abundance on the photos of swimsuits for women Therefore, fashionistas will have to try fairly with the choice of their ideal swimsuits model for this year.
  • The colors of the sun as orange and yellow have always been classic and trendy for women’s bathing suits. The season of summer 2016 was no exception. Designers use a variety of shades of these colors, without hesitating to mix them, and make unusual transitions.

Swimwear-for-women-trends-2016-3 Swimwear-for-women-trends-2016-4 Womens-bathing-suits-trends-2016 Womens-bathing-suits-trends-2016-1

Swimwear-for-women-trends-2016 Swimwear-for-women-trends-2016-1 Swimwear-for-women-trends-2016-2 Womens-bathing-suits-trends-2016-3 Womens-bathing-suits-trends-2016-4

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