Sunglasses 2017: fashion trends for women

Choosing fashion sunglasses 2017, you need to know how to choose it in the form of a face, be aware of womens sunglasses 2017 trends and the integrity of the image. But the main thing is to feel free to experiment. Read about the trends of this season.

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sunglasses-2017-womens sunglasses 2017-sunglasses 2017

Sunglasses 2017: butterfly wings

The recognizable distinctive feature of sunglasses 2017 is the wide space between the lenses. Designers presented a futuristic womens sunglasses 2017 with a chromed frame, retro notes, highlighted the attributes from plastic, with non-darkened glasses that don’t distract attention from the decor. According to the unanimous decision of the fashion designers, spectacular “Butterflies” will be suitable for warm summer days.

sunglasses-2017-butterfly-wings-womens sunglasses 2017-sunglasses 2017

sunglasses-2017-butterfly-womens sunglasses 2017-sunglasses 2017

Womens sunglasses 2017: stylish aviators

The womens sunglasses 2017 aviator is another trend. In general, it’s recognized as a record-holder on the catwalks. Naturally, these glasses did not reach the original state because they experienced a huge number of changes.

sunglasses-2017-aviators-womens sunglasses 2017-sunglasses 2017

sunglasses-2017-aviator-womens sunglasses 2017-sunglasses 2017

Sunglasses for women 2017 with Ombre effect

The gradient effect captured the outfits and accessories, already a year moving from season to season. In sunglasses for women 2017, many fashion designers used this trend: glasses in red, lenses in an iridescent variety of purple, pink, blue shades, yellow palette and brown ombre.

sunglasses-2017-ombre-womens sunglasses 2017-Sunglasses for women 2017

Round Cat Eye Glasses

Predatory motives are always relevant and 2017  is not an exception. Retro frames, so beloved once by Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, return to the catwalks. This is not surprising, because their pointed corners add to the image of cunning and raisin, of course only if the girl has a rather narrow face with outlined cheekbones. If you are lucky with natural data, feel free to choose this sunglasses for women 2017.

sunglasses-2017-ornaments-womens sunglasses 2017-Sunglasses for women 2017

sunglasses-2017-cat-eye-womens sunglasses 2017-Sunglasses for women 2017

Round frame

The model can be seen in a completely new design: for example, with darkened glasses, in a two-color color block or in a double frame made of metal. Laconic translucent patterns with smoky lenses are relevant.

sunglasses-2017-round-womens sunglasses 2017-Sunglasses for women 2017

sunglasses-2017-round-womens sunglasses 2017-Sunglasses for women 2017

We presented trends for sunglasses 2017, so choose the appropriate style to your image.

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