Skirts 2018: popular styles and models for skirt trends 2018

A wide variety of skirts 2018 are in collections of fashion designers. Let’s find out skirt trends 2018.

skirts 2018, skirts trends 2018

Skirts 2018: popular models

Lush skirts, trapezoid skirts, skirts with an asymmetrical cut, transparent and leather, pleated and straight skirts are the main hits of 2018. Skirts 2018 with a floral pattern are also stylish. At the peak of popularity are striped skirts and ethnic ornaments.

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skirts 2018, skirt-tutuSkirt-tutu is familiar to us from ballet. It has several equal layers.  Tulle or net is the main part of the skirt-tutu. Green, blue and turquoise colors are the most popular.

skirts 2018, pleated skirtPleated fashion skirts 2018 are one of the stylish trends of this season.

skirt trends 2018, skirt balloonSkirt-balloon consists of two canvases of different cuts. Upper layer resembles a flashlight. Skirt-balloon with patterns are in fashion.

Fashion skirts 2018: popular styles and models

American skirt contains ruffles of several layers. It increases the volume of the skirt without the use of additional fabric. Chiffon, organza, satin are trendy materials.

skirt trends 2018, american skirtStraight fashion skirts 2018 are in trend. Leather, denim, knitwear, and cotton skirts are in fashion 2018.

skirt trends 2018, straight skirt

Trouser skirt is a wide-cut trousers, which looks like a skirt. The material of skirt has different density.

fashion skirts 2018, trouser skirtFashion skirts 2018 with pockets are at the peak of popularity. Basically, hidden pockets are popular. They can complement the wide skirts.

fashion skirts 2018, skirts with pocketsSkirt trends 2018: trendy colors and prints

Indigo, burgundy, salmon, dark turquoise, gray-brown, peach, moonstone, gray-lavender are actual colors of skirts 2018. Black, white and beige colors are also in fashion.

fashion skirts 2018, trendy colors of skirts 2018Large cages, strips, flowers, divorces, Hawaiian drawings are elegant skirt trends 2018. Animalistic and geographical prints, optical illusions, romantic patterns are also stylish solutions. Skirts 2018 with floral prints are very feminine. They suit young and middle-aged women.

skirts 2018, skirts with floral print

Large flowers extend hips. It’s necessary to choose skirts with a medium or small pattern if you don’t desire such effect. Thus, you already know about trends of skirts.Choose your style!

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