Plus size dresses 2018: trends and tendencies for plus size outfits

What to do when there is excess weight? It is especially difficult to fight with a noticeable tummy. Ladies with extra kilograms try to put on more spacious and shapeless clothes, hoping to hide the flaws of the figure. The designers gave the plump women their own variants of trendy plus size dresses that conceal the fullness. All that is necessary for a modern lady with magnificent forms is to be able to find styles and models among the variety of plus size outfits that will really suit them. Let’s get introduced to main trends of plus size dresses 2018.

plus size dresses 2018, trends of plus size dresses 2018Plus size dresses 2018: trendy dresses

A classic dress for plus size women is considered to be a half-fitting silhouette with a slightly narrowed skirt. The length of the dress varies from the middle of the knee to the middle of the calf. Classics require exceptionally smooth fabrics such as knitwear or viscose, emphasizing the nobility of the silhouette. Semiclassical styles are sewn in two-color, with dark inserts.It’s a stylish trend of plus size dresses 2018.

plus size dresses 2018, classic dressesIt is impossible to imagine plus size dresses without a neckline. Deep or more restrained necklines go to ladies of all ages. Don’t give up on corset dresses. Long sleeves are another way to hide the excessive fullness of the hands.

plus size dresses 2018, dresses with decolleteThe waist of sundress, as a rule, is high, and the silhouette is A-shaped. Free, falling down soft folds of sundress can perfectly disguise full hips and stomach. The top in a thin elastic band or with drapery serves as an additional distraction.

 plus size clothing for women, A-silhouette sundressesPlus size outfits: fashionable trends

A straight or trapezoid silhouette of a dress-shirt will suit women with a full figure of the “apple” type. The dress conceals a bulging belly. This model of the dress has a collapsible gate and flared sleeves, pockets on the chest or side pockets, and a longitudinal fastener on the bar. Particular attention in this outfit is given to the belt. This stylish trend is presented in Gucci’s collections of plus size outfits.

 plus size outfits, dress-shirtTransformer dresses are also in trend. It has an asymmetrical frill. They are all suitable for fat women, especially those that open their arms and shoulders.

 plus size outfits, dress transformerBasque is a fold or several folds located in the waist. Basque begins just above the waist and completely conceals the bulge of the abdomen. Folds on the Basque are of two types: counter and circular. Such an elegant detail of your toilet will make the dress feminine, unusual and elegant.

Trendy plus size dresses: colors and prints

The black color of the dress looks good due to its properties which visually reduce the shape. Designers of the leading model houses demonstrated white dresses for full women, proving that white color is universal, and the style plays a primary role.You can find white trendy plus size dresses in Prada’s collections.

trendy plus size dresses, black dressThe lilac is a transition color between blue and red. This range of colors from gently violet to light fuchsia is one of the most feminine shades, suitable for a fashionable outfit. Dark blue, cherry and dark green are considered classic shades of trendy plus size dresses. These noble shades don’t go out of fashion for several seasons.

trendy plus size dresses, white and lilac dresses

The flower pattern is stylish and traditional! For complete figures, the flower theme is preferable, since it allows you to choose a suitable pattern on the dress. A strip on the dress can be used as an attribute of a fashionable marine theme. “Zebra pattern”, circular or diagonal strips is an ideal solution for plus size dresses 2018.

trendy plus size dresses, dress with strips and floral printsHope you liked our «Plus size dresses 2018: trends and tendencies for plus size outfits» article. It’ll guide you in choosing your unique style and to stay in fashion!

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