New Years Dresses 2018: trends for party dresses

For New Years dresses 2018 designers offer variety of styles and colors. Trends for New Years Eve outfits 2018  will be all the colors of the earth: yellow,  orange, lemon, all shades of brown, beige, gray. Also trends for New Years Eve dresses 2018  are prints with peas, lace, gold and gold decor, sparkling rhinestones.

new-years-dresses-2018-lemon-and-gray-New Years Eve outfits 2018

In  Nye dresses 2018 red is not accepted . Do not choose too tight, inconvenient dresses and prohibitively high heels.

New Years dresses 2018: color blocking

Color-blocking in New Years dresses 2018 – combination of two or three juicy expressive colors which looks bold, but not vulgar – this will be enough to be the most stylish with the New Years Eve outfits 2018. The cut of the dress should be as simple as possible.

new-years-dresses-2018-color-blocking-New Years Eve outfits 2018

new-years-dresses-2018-color-blocking-New Years Eve outfits 2018

New Years Eve dresses 2018: gradient color dresses

Another fashionable solution for  New Years Eve dresses 2018 is the gradient color of the dress. Especially elegant looks such a print in the fiery red and orange colors: which makes  associations with recalcitrant fire, precious stones, unrestrained merriment of the New Year carnival.

new-years-dresses-2018-romantic-gradient-New Years Eve outfits 2018

A bit of geometry

Not bad will look Nye dresses 2018 with cages, but not in the classic black and white version – this combination is more appropriate for a working suit, and not for an elegant dress for New Years Eve outfits 2018.

new-years-dresses-2018-with-cages-New Years Eve outfits 2018

By the way, the geometric print is just for the full ladies. It distracts attention from non-ideal bulges, visually improving the silhouette. But avoid a wide horizontal strip, which fills even the girls with the perfect figure.

Dresses with applique

It can be flowers, geometric ornaments, inscriptions … The main thing for New Years dresses 2018 is that the color scheme should be suitable, without cold and very dark shades.

new-years-dresses-2018-floral-Nye dresses 2018

new-years-dresses-2018-with-peas-and-gold-decor-Nye dresses 2018

Placer of jewelry

It should not be too flashy, but juicy colors and a scattering of shiny stones or at least beads will give the dress royal majesty.

new-years-dresses-2018-with-jewels-Nye dresses 2018

Romantic lace

Nye dresses 2018  is indispensable if you plan to celebrate it together with your mate. In the direction of eclecticism – you should be as feminine as possible, and for this purpose the lace fits best.

new-years-dresses-2018-with-lace-New Years Dresses 2018

Models of dresses with open shoulders

If you have not found your mate yet, the New Year party is an excellent occasion to show off in all your glory. Perfect makeup, hair and dress, no man can stand it.

new-years-dresses-2018-with-open-shoulders-New Years Dresses 2018

To be in the center of attention on New Year party, make your choice of dress now.

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