Mens shoes 2018: trends and tendencies for mens footwear 2018

Different styles of mens shoes 2018 are presented by designers: from sport to classics. The originality of mens footwear 2018 is acquired through use of bold combinations of textures, decor elements, interesting patterns. Let’s consider in detail trends for mens fashion shoes 2018.

Mens shoes 2018: videonews


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Mens shoes 2018: Classic

Classic shoes are relevant at all times. Mens shoes 2018 will be distinguished by such features as a rounded sock, presence of belts or buckles. The main material for sewing classic shoes will be genuine leather. It’s necessary to choose warm models for a cold season.

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Sneakers are one of trends for men’s sports style. A distinctive feature of mens fashion shoes 2018 is the variety of color palette. The most relevant will be considered such shades: red, brown, blue, beige. Shoes with a sharp toe is another squeak of fashion 2018. Such models are perfect for evening and business look.

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Designers presented cute shoes with a small lacing, which begins almost at tip of the sock.

Suede shoes are also in trend of mens footwear 2018. This noble material always looks stylish and expensive. The most fashionable shades of suede will be gray, green, blue and metallic.

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Mens footwear 2018 are presented by a variety of boots models. The most popular styles will be military, retro and cowboy.

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Summer sandals will be fashionable with both open and closed toe. Elements of their decor will be represented by buckles and rivets.

mens-shoes-2018-mens-footwear-2018-mens-fashion-shoes-moccasin-and-sandals-mens footwear 2018

Moccasins with fringe are comfortable and stylish in 2018. They are in good harmony with business and everyday style. Footwear called desert will stay on top of mens fashion shoes 2018. New-fashioned shades of this practical and comfortable footwear will be beige, coffee, brown, blue.

mens-shoes-2018-mens-footwear-2018-mens-fashion-shoes-desert-boots-mens fashion shoes

Mens fashion shoes 2018: sport style

Almost all designers have included in their collections mens fashion shoes in sport style. This is not surprising because modern pace of life doesn’t tolerate confusion. In addition, canons of fashion allow combining athletic shoes not only with sports and casual clothing but also with business style. If you value comfort and warmth, then ugg boots are just for you. Don’t be afraid to ruin the stylish image of macho with such boots. Modern models of ugg boots are perfectly combined with jeans and casual pants.

mens-shoes-2018-mens-footwear-2018-mens-fashion-shoes-ugg-boots-mens fashion shoes

Mens shoes 2018 on the tractor sole is still in fashion. They are known for their versatility and practicality. In new collections, you can meet laconic design of men’s shoes and boots, without a single decor element. For example, Lanvin boots remind boots for diving.

mens-shoes-2018-mens-footwear-2018-mens-fashion-shoes-boots-mens fashion shoes

Thus, you’ve informed about mens shoes 2018 trends, choose your style and keep on reading our topics about fashion.

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