Mens hats 2018: trends tendencies and mens hat styles 2018

Hats have always been indispensable part of fashion. Perhaps this is due to its useful functions. It protects the head, and also hides the flaws of the hair, or the first signs of baldness. Let’s see what fashion designers suggest and find out mens hats 2018 trends and mens hat styles 2018.

Mens hats 2018: Video news

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mens hats 2018, trends of mens fashion hats

English cap is a model of a hat, which has a flat rounded top, with no fields, except for a small dense edge in front. Dense natural materials, such as wool, tweed are relevant for this hat style. You can find such interesting models in Armani’s collections of mens hats 2018.

mens hats 2018, english capYou can decorate baseball cap with various symbols. It often used as a sporting attribute. This is one of the most popular mens hats 2018.

mens hats 2018, baseball capFedora hat  is an element of classics with three depressions in the upper part, with a ribbon and long fields. Its main quality is universality. Soft fields can be lowered or raised. Gucci used this trend in his fashion collections of mens hats 2018.

Boater is one of mens hat styles 2018, which is trendy in this season. It’s a summer hat made of hard straw with a flat crown. Boater is amazingly suitable for a beach holiday.

mens hat style, boater hatA woven straw hat is another trend of mens hat styles 2018. Perfectly protects from the sun. It can be yellow with a black ribbon. French couturier Louis Mariette has suggested exclusive hat made of platinum with diamonds. Another amazing suggestion made fashion designer Anne Marie Villet. She created the headdress “Deep blue sea” with peacock feathers and colored opals. These are trendy mens hat styles 2018 of the upcoming season.

mens hat styles 2018, designer hatsMens fashion hats: How to choose a color

You can rely on the tone of your face when choosing the color of the hat.

mens fashion hats, hats color trendsMens fashion hats of brown and gray colors will look great for swarthy face tone. Shades of green aren’t trendy in this season.

mens fashion hats, trendy colorsIt’s better to choose light gray scale. Mens fashion hats of greenish and yellowish-brown hues for pale face tone is in trend. Avoid black color.

mens fashion hats, hats colors suitable for face toneShades of brown and bronze are suitable for rouge face tone. Black color isn’t recommended. You can use pearl gray and more intense olive colors for olive face tone. The color of the hat should be in harmony with the clothes. You should not combine a black hat with light clothes and vice versa.

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