Men suits 2018: main trends for men

Women really like men in suits. Especially, men will look incredibly attractive in men suits 2018. Another argument in favor of the suits for men is that you do not need to puzzle over the selection of the kit, just pick up a shirt and you are ready to go out. Do not be discouraged if your wardrobe does not have a decent men suits yet, our article will help with choosing desired suits for men.

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Fashionable colors and prints for men suits 2018

For men suits 2018 along with traditional black, blue, brown and gray hues, bright colors are offered: snow white, azure blue, sunny yellow, purple, mustard, coral, and pink. Interestingly, designers offer combined models – so, the triple suit can combine at once 3 close or contrasting tones. As for prints, it is worth mentioning among interesting fashion trends: contrast vertical bars (for example, a combination of black and white); large cell; abstract and geometric patterns; “Newspaper” drawing; prints from recognizable logos.

men-suits-2018-men suits-suits for men-men suits 2018

Suits for men: Triple suit

Classical suits for men will tell, first of all, about respectability and will make the most favorable impression. The attractiveness of the men suits will achieve the desired result at a business meeting, a social event, a romantic date. And what to say about such a celebration as a wedding. The triple suit is suitable for wedding suits for men. The conservatism of the classic silhouette is the most suitable option for any important event. What are the main criteria in the selection of the suits?

You should choose the right color: traditionally black color is chosen for events such as a banquet or a wedding. Most often for official cases choose a suit of blue, thin striped or monophonic, for everyday use you can choose any color, it depends on personal preferences, today you can find different options: saturated orange and purple colors, a pink color model in a large cage, and many others.

men-suits-2018-triple-suit-men suits-suits for men-men suits 2018

men-suits-2018-triple-men suits-suits for men-men suits 2018

 Double-breasted men suits

When double-breasted men suits were in fashion, they had a loose cut. Do not be afraid, this style is already in the past. Originally created double-breasted models hide the flaws of the figure. The main task of such men suits 2018 is to focus attention with the help of a V-shaped cut and a thoughtful silhouette. A good-quality double-breasted suit will give the image elegance and a solid look. In addition, in this outfit is much warmer and more comfortable in the cold season. This style is also appropriate for wedding suits for men.

men-suits-2018-double-breasted-men suits-suits for men-men suits 2018

men-suits-2018-double-breasted-men suits-suits for men-men suits 2018Fitted suits

The fitted suits look best on slender men. When buying this suit, you should pay special attention to how it sits on you, because the fitted suit does not allow compromises. The length of the sleeve is to the wrist when the hands are lowered. If at least one of the specified details does not correspond to reality, feel free to try on the following model. In 2018 fitted suits are appropriate for wedding suits for men.

men-suits-2018-fitted-wedding suits for men 2018

men-suits-2018-fitted-wedding suits for men 2018Checkered suits

The checkered suit is associated exclusively with the aristocracy. Men’s checkered suit not so long ago was not at the peak of popularity. But the last few seasons, this style in the men’s wardrobe has experienced a new rise. Designers agreed on the opinion that the cage contributes to the male bow style, authenticity, and aristocracy.

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