Lingerie & underwear from Lascivious SS16

Lingerie-&-underwear-from-Lascivious SS16-Kitty-Black-C
Lascivious lingerie SS16 Kitty Black C

Lingerie & underwear campaign «Signature» was published by Lascivious for AW15 / SS16 seasons. There are great new styles of underwear for women and reinterpreted models from classical lineup. Dress Trends offer to be acquainted with Lingerie & underwear collection from Lascivious SS16.

A series of open women’s underwear Kitty have got to its seductive quilling addition in the form of placers crystals from Swarovski, which organically fit into models design and gives a feeling of celebration. The folds of tulle, touching the skin, framing it with a method that capable of causing vivid desire. Sometimes Kitty with it undertones seems even more audacious than the new series of completely open contour lingerie & underwear.

Among the new lingerie collections, would separately like to note exotic lingerie «Louisa» (first image). Look close at bras. Weightless transparent lace with cilia goes as second layer over the denser floral lace with small lumens. This layering of underwear for women attracts the eye for long time. At the same time, design of the bra skillfully focuses look at the decollete area.

Campaign for Lascivious has shoot Parisian photographer Pierre Dal Corso. His pictures are filled with a sense of unity between nature and girls in exotic lingerie. Staged poses and standard plots are not visible here. Therefore, the new collection of exotic lingerie & underwear from Lascivious SS16 we offer to look through Pierre eyes.

Lingerie-&-underwear-from-Lascivious SS16-Accessories-Corset
Lascivious lingerie SS16 Accessories Corset
Lingerie-&-underwear-from-Lascivious SS16-Kitty-Crystalised-C
Lascivious lingerie SS16 Kitty Crystalised C
Lingerie-&-underwear-from-Lascivious SS16-Kitty-Ivory
Lascivious lingerie SS16 Kitty Ivory
Lingerie-&-underwear-from-Lascivious SS16
Lascivious lingerie SS16 Kitty
Lingerie-&-underwear-from-Lascivious SS16-Lila
Lascivious lingerie SS16 Lila
Lingerie-&-underwear-from-Lascivious SS16-Milla-C
Lascivious lingerie SS16 Milla-C
Lingerie-&-underwear-from-Lascivious SS16-Sarah-Lou
Lascivious lingerie SS16 Sarah Lou
Lingerie-&-underwear-from-Lascivious SS16-Wanda-C
Lascivious lingerie SS16 Wanda C
Lingerie-&-underwear-from-Lascivious SS16-Signature
Lascivious lingerie SS16 Signature
Lingerie-&-underwear-from-Lascivious SS16-Signature-C
Lascivious lingerie SS16 Signature C

Lingerie-&-underwear-from-Lascivious SS16-Pin-C

Most of the models from lingerie & underwear Lascivious SS16 collection are available on the brands website.

Model: Kyla Close

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