Leggings 2018: dresses and tops to wear with leggings

Leggings 2018 perfectly match with any clothes. In each season, designers offer so many models and colors that each girl can find right option for herself.

This year, there are several basic elements that will be very relevant. First of all, it’s lace trim at the bottom of pants or in form of lamp. Actual will be original accents, made in form of brilliant arrows, or imitation zippers, made with metallic glitter.

leggings-2018-tops for leggings-Leggings 2018

leggings-2018-tops for leggings-Leggings 2018leggins-2018-3

Leggings 2018: Fashionable textures and color solutions

Leggings can be divided into thin and warm, translucent and dense. Of course, these clothes should be chosen, focusing on season. With use of modern elastic fabrics leggings 2018 perfectly fit your feet, even if you prefer warm models on microfiber. With regard to fashionable colors, leggings are unusually democratic. As before, classic black color is actual, however, many bright models can be seen on fashion podiums. In this season, animalistic prints will be very popular, in style of tiger, leopard prints and, of course, imitation of snake skin. Very unusual and stylish look semi-transparent leggings with small patterns, reminiscent of tattoo.
In 2018 season leggings can even afford full women, but they need to pick right tops for leggings, which will hide rounded knees and lush hips.

leggins-2018-with-sweaters-tops for leggings

leggings-2018-with ethnic-motifs-and-under-a-snake-tops for leggings

What dress with leggings to wear

A classic option is combination of leggings and long dress or sweater. This kit is quite convenient and suitable for all cases. Tops for leggings, as short skirts, tunics are wonderfully combined with black, brown or gray leggings. Voluminous dress with leggings perfectly match all types of figures. Light or bright leggings can afford only owners of ideal figure. Therefore, color should be chosen very carefully.

leggings-2018-with-coats-tops for leggings

If you like leopard pattern, you need to consider tops for leggings. It should be supplemented with a monophonic top. Choosing accessories, you need to remember that leopard pattern should not be repeated.

leggings-2018-with-tunic-and-jacket-tops for leggings

As autumn variant it’s possible to use leggings in a combination to shoes-boats or ballet. To look very impressive, they can be supplemented with high boots or ankle boots. What dress with leggings to wear? This image is perfectly combined with tunic, warm knitted sweater, short jacket, shorts, mini skirt or trench coat.

leggings-2018-leopard-print-and-white-tops for leggings-Leggings 2018

Variety of leggings offered by designers will allow each girl to create unique image with use of this universal wardrobe item. It should be remembered that choice of leggings should be treated very carefully, and then you will always look stylish and original.

leggings-2018-with-dress-and-blazer-tops for leggings-Leggings 2018

leggings-2018-Scandinavian-patterns-tops for leggings-Leggings 2018

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