Dresses for girls 2018: trends and tendencies of girls clothes 2018

Dresses for girls 2018 adorn ruches and flounces. They look stylish with an asymmetrical cut. Designers tried to avoid small details this year. The special beauty of girls clothes 2018 is achieved due to original ornaments. Let’s get introduced to other trends of outfits for girls 2018.

Dresses for girls 2018: video news

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dresses for girls 2018, trends and tendencies of girls clothes 2018

Knitted dresses are soft, comfortable and unusual. Choose a knitted dress of fashionable bright shades. It can be lace and appliqué as an additional decoration on it. Knitted dresses are especially suitable for the winter period. At this time, a pattern with braids and different winter motifs is popular.

dresses for girls 2018, knitted outfits for girls

Designers suggest a variety of ballroom dress models. On the floor, to the knee, A-shaped style dresses for girls 2018 are in trend. The color scheme in white, pastel and gold colors will give the girl of any age the charm of a little princess.

dresses for girls 2018, ballroom dresses for girls

Cocktail dresses for girls are also elegant: delicate colors, elegant silhouettes with a high waist, decorative elements. The new trend of this year is Family Look. That is the same cocktail dresses for girls and their moms. Such sets look very touching and emphasize not only the beauty of both ladies but also their strong connection.

girls clothes 2018, cocktail dresses for girls

Girls clothes 2018: fashionable models

Light sundresses for girls should be no lower than the knee. You can choose an asymmetrical style that will make the sundress unusual and interesting. Sundress is also a stylish model of girls clothes 2018 for the cold season. You can put on a sweater or shirt under the sundress. This will ensure both warmth and beautiful appearance.

girls clothes 2018, sundresses for girls

The dress with a flounce on the shoulders is not only fashionable but also charming. In addition, this outfit does not require any accessories and looks very elegant. This is a bold trend of dresses for girls 2018.

girls clothes 2018, dresses with flounces on shoulders

The combination of colors and fabrics looks unusual. For example, a hook and a light chiffon look perfect in combination. Or contrasting colors, one of which is placed in the center, the other on the sides. Light top and a dark bottom combination are suitable for school.

outfits for girls 2018, color combination of dresses

Outfits for girls 2018: trendy materials, colors, and prints

Comfort and beauty are the main criteria for choosing fabrics. Many designers focus only on natural materials with only a small addition of elastane. This combination guarantees a comfortable ride and a beautiful fit on the figure. Among the popular fabrics in outfits for girls 2018 are cotton, natural wool, viscose, and bamboo.

outfits for girls 2018, trendy colors and materials for girls clothes

Dresses for girls 2018 in all the brightest colors and shades look exquisite. It is recommended to choose blue and turquoise for solemn occasions. Pastel colors always remain relevant.

outfits for girls 2018, trendy colors and prints for girls clothes 2018

The floral prints look delicate in girls clothes. The models on the sea theme are interesting. Drawings with children’s motifs are also a fashionable trend of outfits for girls 2018.

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