Dresses 2018: trends and tips for dresses for women 2018

Designers took care of every lady and created trendy dresses 2018 for every taste and type of figure. Let’s see what new trends of dresses 2018 they suggest to women.

dresses 2018, trends, tendencies and tips for dresses 2018

Dresses 2018: popular styles and models

  • Trapezium

The trapeze dress does not have a sharp extension of the outfit. The dress has an undefined silhouette, which is suitable for the plump girls. The average length of the dress is up to the middle of the thigh. Also, it’s one of the stylish models of dresses 2018.

dresses 2018, trapezium trendy dresses 2018

  • Light

The outfit will be used on the hottest days, which means it must be thin, flowing and weightless. The most common are free models that don’t fetter movements. The light model is a stylish summer model of dresses for women 2018.

dresses 2018, light dresses for women 2018

  • Dress shirt

It’s fashionable trend of dresses 2018, which impressed many girls. It’s like a boyfriend’s shirt. This is a relaxed option for the summer, which does not fetter the movements at all. The buttons can be unbuttoned slightly, exposing the neck. It is worth saying that this is an everyday street version. A dress with an asymmetrical length looks much more interesting.

dresses for women 2018, fashionable dress-shirt

  • Dress Tunic

The classic tunic is often sutured from thin and translucent materials. It has flared sleeves and silhouette.

dresses for women 2018, trendy dress tunic

Dresses for women 2018: fashionable models

  • Dress-noodles

The outfit from a knitted cloth is characterized by a special pattern. The fabric is decorated with thin relief strips. It looks very interesting and original. You can also choose an outfit with a high collar and long sleeves. It’s popular model of dresses for women 2018.

dresses for women 2018, dress-noodles

  • With flounces and ruffles

Flounces can be located not only on the shoulders but also on the bottom of the dress. Ruches can decorate the dress diagonally or highlight the sleeves. Such products look very elegant and cute. This style is also in trends of dresses 2018.

trendy dersses 2018, dresses with flounces and ruffles

  • With a train

It is not always a completely long dress. Often the outfit can strip the front of the legs, closing the back. Even the modest version looks very nice and feminine. Of course, this thing is exclusively for solemn events.

trendy dresses 2018, dress with a train

Trendy dresses 2018: current colors

  • Green

The light green dress looks incredibly fresh. It is associated with meadow flowers and ease. The saturated green color looks very bright and colorful. It is better to go to a party or a date in this outfit. Green is a modish color of trendy dresses 2018.

  • trendy dresses 2018, green and blue trendy dresses 2018Blue

This shade is associated with lightness and airiness. The blue tone is perfect for summer. However, the blue tint does not always look so sublime. Much depends on the material. It may seem cheap on cotton and staple. Therefore give the main preference to silk or chiffon.

  • Pink

The pink dress will always be fashionable and popular. We would like to highlight dusty pink, salmon pink and gently pink. They seem insanely noble and refined.

dresses 2018, pink dresses, floral dresses 2018

  • With floral print

Small and elegant patterns are the hit of trendy dresses 2018. Light colors create an image of a romantic and sophisticated nature. Neat little roses adorn the entire outfit or part of it.

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