Boys fashion: boys clothes 2017


Children’s clothing should be functional and comfortable.Children’s clothing during the summer time should be light and cold winter time they must be warm, but also fashionable…! Otherwise, it’s unclear why parents dress up correspondingly fashion trends, and children should be worse and be lagging in style. Today’s discussion is about «boys fashion; boys clothes 2017».

Boys fashion for season 2017 prepared two basic styles: street-sports and boys dress clothes. Down jackets are relevant for cold season. They are light, free and will not hamper kid’s movement.

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Children shoes always should be selected from natural materials. According to boys fashion 2017 popular will be shoes and boots with visible fur trim. Models with high-rise are not relevant.

Supplement boys image with warm knitted scarf, because they are very fashionable among children’s clothing at season 2017 for boys. Sweatshirts, sweaters, jackets and jeans are not only trendy, but also very comfortable and found their own place in boys clothes 2017. If your child prefers classic style pants, vests, pullovers, turtlenecks and high boots will make your boy stylish in season 2017. Also don’t forget to add hat, belt or fashionable suspenders to your boys clothes. And your little gentleman will be the best.



Boys dress clothes trends and tendencies 2017

  • Classics. Besides narrow trousers, you can choose for your kid ordinary straight pants with the traditional arrow. Best of all, boys dress clothes will look in black and gray color scheme.

boys-dress-clothes-trends-and-tendencies-2017-boys-fashion-boys-clothes-2017 boys-dress-clothes-trends-and-tendencies-2017-boys-fashion-boys-clothes-2017-2 boys-dress-clothes-trends-and-tendencies-2017-boys-fashion-boys-clothes-2017-3 boys-dress-clothes-trends-and-tendencies-2017-boys-fashion-boys-clothes-2017-4

  • Boys 3 piece suit. Pants vest and jacket. If you don’t like cell, you can refer to trend like fully shaped monochrome outfit when vest matches on color with a trousers and jacket. Then it’s worth to diversify boys 3 piece suit with contrasting color shirt.

boys-dress-clothes-trends-and-tendencies-2017-boys-fashion-boys-clothes-2017-5 boys-dress-clothes-trends-and-tendencies-2017-boys-fashion-boys-clothes-2017-6 boys-dress-clothes-trends-and-tendencies-2017-boys-fashion-boys-clothes-2017-7

  • Say no to flashy colors in boys clothes. Boys are more traditional than fashionista girls. Boy’s flashy shirts with some special shaped sleeves or trim are not suitable. Regarding colors of boys dress clothes, we should choose usual shades as light blue, can be blue, white and even light green.
  • Sweaters. Here everything like in adults fashion. During winter time vest can be changed on jumper, the length just below the waist. Boy’s jumper should be in gentle tones with V-neck.
  • Ties are fashionable. They are at height of boys clothes 2017. Thin, but bound up in “adult” node. This accessory will betray style to any kid’s image.

boys-dress-clothes-trends-and-tendencies-2017-boys-fashion-boys-clothes-2017-8 boys-dress-clothes-trends-and-tendencies-2017-boys-fashion-boys-clothes-2017-9 boys-dress-clothes-trends-and-tendencies-2017-boys-fashion-boys-clothes-2017-10

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