Blouse trends 2017: blouses for women

In 2017, absolutely all fashion houses offer us lot of topical womens tops. We will discuss this in the article «Blouse trends 2017: blouses for women».


It is worth noting that new season brought tangible variety to catwalks. Geometry and florist, animal patterns and monochrome, models of transparent chiffon, weightless lace and dense cotton are in trend. Let’s look at the main blouse trends 2017.

  • The most courageous fashionistas can find for themselves truly provocative blouses made of latex or thin skin. However, designers insist that aggression in image should be measured. In latest blouse designs femininity, aristocracy and grace were emphasized, which pressed out open sexuality.
  • In blouse trends 2017 there are practically no gloomy closed models.
  • Signed trends of 90s womens tops are gradually gaining ground!
  • Decoration of blouses was paid special attention in blouse design 2017. Main rule is glossiness and even some pretentiousness, so toad should be voluminous, the bow: large, and the embroidery or applique: unusual and bright. In addition, trend for 70’s and boho-chic returned to podiums in style of hippies, extensively decorated with suede fringe.
  • New fashion year was not able to press out long-established trend on oversize womens tops.


Against background of such wide range of styles, number of colors used by designers in latest blouse designs can be estimated as very modest. Riot of decor can balance only soft pastel or muted color base. Monochrome blouses for women are presented in pale pink, flesh-and-beige, soft shade of peach and apricot.

Blouse design 2017: Elegant lace

It seems that lace will remain in trend for at least a year. Virtually all fashion houses presented in collections with blouses that are entirely made of lace or decorated with elements of lace decor.


Blouses for women: Translucency

Semitransparent fabrics are not going to go down from fashionable Olympus. Designers decided to soften candor and courage of light chiffon and transparent silk blouses with tender embroidery, draperies and wide variety of prints. In latest blouse designs, fashion designers decided to return trend to already forgotten picture of small peas, which can definitely be attributed to one of most versatile.


Blouse design 2017: Bulk sleeve

By 2017, fashion designers have prepared for fashionistas quite a few blouses with voluminous sleeves-lanterns. It can be unequivocally asserted that this trend returned to podiums for more than one year.


Latest blouse designs: Multilayered

In blouse trends 2017 designers have found place for multi-layered blouses.


Blouse design 2017: Sleeve-grid

The most recent blouse design 2017 is mesh sleeve, which will revive even most stringent office bow, without damaging dress code. Such models are extremely elegant and perfectly combine with both business suits and jeans.


Womens tops: Men’s Shirts

The progenitors of all blouse styles, shirt blouses, will never leave catwalks. In blouse trends 2017, design of these blouses became more complex and interesting.

Mens-Shirts-Blouse-trends-2017-blouses-for-women-blouse-design-2017-Blouse trends 2017

Blouse design 2017: Large bows

Large volumetric bow can be called unequivocal favorite of 2017 womens tops. Designers are clearly inspired by shows of thirties.


In contrast to minimalism, many fashion houses have relied on avant-garde, grotesque and pretentiousness. This is unambiguous trend of blouses for women in 2017 fashion year! Designers boldly combine in one product several elements at once: complex frills, flared sleeves, asymmetry of hem and bright large embroidery.

Avant-garde-style-Blouse-trends-2017-blouses-for-women-blouse-design-2017-Blouse trends 2017

As we see variety of womens tops this year is really large. Our « Blouse trends 2017: blouses for women» tried to help you get familiar with latest blouse designs.

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