Bags 2017: spring-summer season women bags

Designer shows spring-summer 2017 pleased with the amazing variety of models of bag trends 2017 and the rate of their universality. Our «Bags 2017: spring-summer season women bags» will give you some ideas for choice of new bags.

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Meanwhile, a mixture of styles is allowed, giving possibility of creation of most unusual combinations. Let’s see what eminent couturiers offer us in warm season of 2017.



Women bags actual colors

In the warm season podium is characterized by riot of colors and most daring combinations of different shades. This season wasn’t exception. Famous brands offered models of fashion handbags 2017 in orange, blue, emerald, red and golden tones.

Women bags of white, purple and yellow hue are also in trend. However, the king of the season can safely be called delicate pale pink color.




Floral motifs, inscriptions, traditional cell, imitation under skin of reptiles prints are most relevant among bags 2017.

Combination of several shades in one product remains in favor.

The leading place in the collections of bags 2017 spring-summer season of fashion handbags 2017 is occupied by strip that has remained in the trend for several seasons in row.

Bags-2017-fashion-handbags-2017-bag-trends-2017-women-bags Bags-2017-fashion-handbags-2017-bag-trends-2017-women-bags

Fashion handbags 2017 materials and decor

Bag trends 2017 are those made of high-quality natural smooth and lacquered leather, quilted bags and bags of textiles.

Bags-2017-bag-trends-2017-women-bags-Fashion-handbags-2017-materials-and-decor Bags-2017-bag-trends-2017-women-bags-Fashion-handbags-2017-materials-and-decor Bags-2017-bag-trends-2017-women-bags-Fashion-handbags-2017-materials-and-decor

Bags-2017-bag-trends-2017-women-bags-Fashion-handbags-2017-materials-and-decor Bags-2017-bag-trends-2017-women-bags-Fashion-handbags-2017-materials-and-decor

Fashion handbags 2017: Bag-pouches

In the spring/summer season 2017 women bags of various sizes are in fashion. This can be bag of medium volume, giant bag or mini-bag.

Color performance is also very diverse – from monochrome classics to bright lemon and pastel shades.

Bags-2017-bag-trends-2017-women-bags-Fashion-handbags-2017-Bag-pouches Bags-2017-bag-trends-2017-women-bags-Fashion-handbags-2017-Bag-pouches Bags-2017-bag-trends-2017-women-bags-Fashion-handbags-2017-Bag-pouches Bags-2017-bag-trends-2017-women-bags-Fashion-handbags-2017-Bag-pouches

Bag trends 2017: Hobo handbags

Stylish hobo bags are among bag trends 2017 of spring-summer season. They are also made in various color and stylistic solutions, and their main difference is a semicircular form. Such bags 2017 in appropriate version can easily supplement both the everyday and the holiday image.

Bags-2017-women-bags-Fashion-handbags-2017-Bag-trends-2017-Hobo-handbags Bags-2017-women-bags-Fashion-handbags-2017-Bag-trends-2017-Hobo-handbags

Bags 2017: Bag- suitcases

It is very interesting to look at latest designer collections of warm season 2017 women bags in form of small bag-suitcases.

Most often women bag-suitcases have a long strap or chain and a rich finish.

Bag-suitcases-Women-bags-Fashion-handbags-2017-Bag-trends-2017-Bags-2017 Bag-suitcases-Women-bags-Fashion-handbags-2017-Bag-trends-2017-Bags-2017

Bag trends 2017: Classic models

From year to year, women bags in classical style of distinct geometric forms: in form of trapezoid or rectangle and rather restrained coloring remain topical.

But in fashion handbags 2017, designers slightly diluted the boring classics with rivets, handles in form of braids and floral applique.

Bags-2017-women-bags-Fashion-handbags-2017-Bag-trends-2017-Classic-models Bags-2017-women-bags-Fashion-handbags-2017-Bag-trends-2017-Classic-models Bags-2017-women-bags-Fashion-handbags-2017-Bag-trends-2017-Classic-models Bags-2017-women-bags-Fashion-handbags-2017-Bag-trends-2017-Classic-models-Bags 2017 Bags-2017-women-bags-Fashion-handbags-2017-Bag-trends-2017-Classic-models

In the presented bag trends 2017 collections of spring-summer season any fashionista could choose handbag to her taste. It remains only to choose that handbag, which will help you create your own stylish and spectacular image. Our «Bags 2017: spring-summer season women bags» has brought to your attention this season trends.

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