Plus size fashion 2017; plus size womens clothing trends and tendencies

Nowadays, girls wearing plus size clothing may look beautiful, regardless of weight. Modern plus size fashion 2017, as shown on photos provides an opportunity to representatives of beautiful half to manifest them in all glory and show others their magnificent forms. Today you will see your touch on «plus size fashion 2017 plus size womens clothing trends and tendencies».

Plus size womens clothing trends and tendencies 2017

Plus size dresses became the hit of plus size fashion 2017, which perfectly highlights dignity of figure and visually pulls silhouette. No less relevant are plus size tulip dresses, made in black and white colors and asymmetrical blouses on one shoulder.

Plus size skirt in trapezoid form is at peak of popularity. Stylists recommend combining it with long jacket. Especially effective this thing looks on skin, but you should be abandoned from the velvet because it adds visual kilograms.


Preference in plus size womens clothing should be given to simple, laconic cut and avoid bulky embroideries, appliqués and other massive items.

Free tunics and cardigans are perfect solution for women with wide hips. The only condition is that clothing must completely cover is widest hips line; in this case, it will not make bigger. With regard to cardigans, we should note, that as long as possible options are in trend.

What else offers plus size fashion 2017 for girls with curvy shapes?

  1. A-silhouette plus size dresses, which visually lengthen the silhouette.
  2. Plus size pencil skirt, or skirt with slit.
  3. Dress-shirts for plus size women.
  4. Plus size dresses with a high waist.
  5. Denim clothing (pants, tunics, dresses, jackets, vests).
  6. Sports items (caps, bombers, sneakers, tennis skirts) – Who says that plus size women cannot have active lifestyle?

Plus size clothing color scheme and prints

Muted pastel or bright saturated colors are relevant.

Stylists offer while choosing plus size clothing in 2017 to draw attention on following shades:

  • soft sky blue;
  • pink;
  • purple;
  • coffee;
  • pearl gray;
  • emerald;
  • sand;
  • light green.

It’s necessary to separately highlight white color in plus size clothing; exactly it will become ardent hit of plus size clothing for women for season 2017, especially in spring-summer time. Opinion that white color makes look fat is nothing more than a myth.

Another myth is that plus size dresses with prints make figure more volumetric. Actually patterns possess the property to hide figure flaws and divert attention from irregularities. To build a harmonious outfit, enough to use textures with a variety of drawings.


Fashion peak in plus size clothing for women

In 2017, geometry is at fashion peak plus size clothing for women, by the way, vertical band make visually very slim. To avoid making outfit seem geeky, things should be in maximally simple cut, do not overload it with accessories.

Another topical prints for plus size womens clothing is abstraction. It fits into Art Deco style, which is fashionable today. Fashion drawings from 70’s now look extremely fresh and stylish.

Floral is also topical print in plus size clothing for women, without which it’s difficult to imagine modern plus size dresses. This is evidenced by many photos from the fashion shows. However, wearing this adorable ornament requires caution, otherwise woman with plus size forms risks becoming shapeless mural. Better to avoid large patterns and give preference to small non-contrast prints, for example, watercolor ornament with peonies and roses.

As we see, fashion for plus size clothing involves a variety of styles, colors and prints in 2017. Follow «plus size fashion 2017 plus size womens clothing trends and tendencies» and do not be afraid to experiment!

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