Plus size fashion 2017; plus size womens clothing trends and tendencies
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Teen fashion 2017: Teen girls clothing trends 2017


Teen years are interesting and unpredictable on their own. It’s a period of life when person is no longer child, but not yet an adult. Tastes and preferences at teenage age also may change depending on mood or under influence of authorities. Continue reading Teen fashion 2017: Teen girls clothing trends 2017

Men’s leather jackets 2017


Men’s jackets fall 2016 / spring 2017 promise solutions for everyone. Anyone may complain about the lack of explosive items and will be right, because year-to-year the podium is getting closer to everyday life. However, if design of unexpected turns disliked, then you can catch many ideas from the visibility of modern samples. Continue reading Men’s leather jackets 2017

Fur vests 2017 

Fur-vests-2017-Women-vest-jackets-2017-House-of-HollandFur vests are an integral subject of woman wardrobe, and shows of famous designers eloquently prove this. Beautiful and stylish thing is a leading one in the ability to be adapted to multi-layer sets; this quality is appreciated greatly by modern fashionista during the cold time of year. Continue reading Fur vests 2017