Fur vests 2017 

Fur-vests-2017-Women-vest-jackets-2017-House-of-HollandFur vests are an integral subject of woman wardrobe, and shows of famous designers eloquently prove this. Beautiful and stylish thing is a leading one in the ability to be adapted to multi-layer sets; this quality is appreciated greatly by modern fashionista during the cold time of year. Continue reading Fur vests 2017 

Stylish Ladies coats 2016


Coat is considered as one of the long-standing pieces of women’s outerwear, even in ancient times, people have used various capes for protection from rain and wind. Nowadays, ladies coats 2016 in addition to its main functions, are wonderful decoration piece for stylish fashionistas. Indeed, fashionable ladies coats during the offseason are very popular among women worldwide. Continue reading Stylish Ladies coats 2016

Banana Republic Summer 2016 Womens collection


Banana Republic held a presentation of the summer 2016 collection for women. Dress Trends has selected in our LookBook the best fashion styles and favorite pieces from Banana Republic summer 2016. Continue reading Banana Republic Summer 2016 Womens collection