Men’s leather jackets 2017


Men’s jackets fall 2016 / spring 2017 promise solutions for everyone. Anyone may complain about the lack of explosive items and will be right, because year-to-year the podium is getting closer to everyday life. However, if design of unexpected turns disliked, then you can catch many ideas from the visibility of modern samples. Continue reading Men’s leather jackets 2017

Sport coat and blazer wearing trends 2016


The difference between men’s sports jackets and blazers is not so significant; more precisely, blazer is a kind of sport coat – a solid, mostly navy blue sport coat, usually with metal buttons and patch pockets. Continue reading Sport coat and blazer wearing trends 2016

Men wedding suits trends 2016


Best wedding suits trends 2016 are impeccable suits, elegant prom tuxedos and classic coats. Give preference to expensive fabrics and wool, classic colors. Pay attention at strip and cell, original colors will create a unique image. Continue reading Men wedding suits trends 2016